Successful Independent Reading Rotation
  • January 09, 2018

When a student tells me that they dislike or even hate reading and I ask them why, overwhelmingly the reason is because, "I'm not good at it." READ 180 helps us to set up our students for success not only with their independent reading, but also in developing an enjoyment of reading that they can build on. Here are a couple purposeful steps that you can take to get your students on the right track to loving independent reading… or at least liking it.

Make sure they are choosing books that are in their Independent Reading Lexile Range.  We make Lexile Range cards after their beginning of year Reading Inventory. My students keep them in the front of their binders in a pencil pouch, so they are easily accessible each time they are choosing a new book. I have also used 3X5 notecards that were folded in half twice, making 4 columns. I like these pre-made cards because I can pull it up on my interactive board and point right to where they are supposed to fill in. 

Have them really think about what they are interested in. I didn't realize for a long time that I really enjoy non-fiction. I thought because I wasn't interested in a lot of what my peers were reading that I just didn't like reading. I also found out by happen stance that I really enjoyed suspense/thriller books when I chose a book because it had a glowing prom dress on the front.  If a student isn't sure what they are interested in reading, try starting them out on shorter books. Then, if they don't like it, they won't feel too overwhelmed to finish it before they try a new one. If you didn't do the Reader's Survey during your first three weeks, consider doing it now or even completing a new one. SAM Keyword: Survey

Knowing their reading level and guiding them to explore many different types of books can truly set your students up to find that reading can be something they are good at and that they enjoy!