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The Difference You Make!

As we await the announcement of the this year's READ 180 All Star Award winners, I've been reflecting on some of the former winners and nominees.  Over the years, I've nominated many students have had the unique privilege of meeting many of the former All Star Award winners- and for some reason, their incredible stories started running through my head.

Alright, I admit it... I was getting a little too nostalgic:)

I pulled up my nominees essays, looked through old pictures, and watched every Success Video I could find on the community website.  And, as I fought off the need for tissues, one theme started coming through:

The students' essays and testimonials weren't about adaptive software and leveled reading libraries.  They weren't about research-based, best practices or instructional models.  They weren't about rotational models.  And they barely mentioned data-driven, differentiated instruction. 

They were about YOU!

Without exception, the focus of every winner and nominee was on the teacher that touched their lives.  The nominations were a true testament to the teachers that inspired them- the teachers who made them believe in themselves and who helped them overcome every internal and external obstacle they faced.

As the school year begins to wind down, this is a crucial lesson to keep in mind: READ 180 is an amazing tool, but it's the people who wield it who give it its true power! 

The difference you make is not measured by your test results, but by the fires you set in your students' hearts!

Don't believe me?  Than try an experiment... Pick one of your students who has made the most progress this year, one has truly done a 180, and ask them what made the difference for them. 

I guarantee you're the first thing they mention! 

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  • I like your articles! So much inspiration.

    Nice article, I think. Thank You!