READ 180 End-of-Year Checklist
  • May 25, 2018

Summer is on its way!  And in the craziness that is the end of the year, it's easy to get overwhelmed and miss a key detail (or two), so here is a simple end-of-year checklist (hopefully it will keep you from getting too spun around:)... 



  • Make sure all students have completed the Reading Inventory and, if applicable, the Phonics Inventory.
  • Wrap up your final READ 180 workshop and administer the corresponding rSkills assessment 

Reports to Administrator and Other Team Members:
All schools and districts are a little different, so double check which reports your principal wants you to distribute, but here are some ones that I find the most useful...

  • Growth Goals Report
  • Growth Report
  • Instructional Planning Report
  • Reading Progress Report
  • Comprehension Skills Report

The more organization and preparation we put in to the end of this year, the smoother next year will run.  I've made the mistake of waiting until August to check for the supplies, etc., and it's never pretty.

Record Keeping:

  • Print off an extra copy of the reports listed above and file them.
  • For individual students who you have lingering concern for, it can be a good idea to also file a copy of their Student Diagnostic Report (make sure the time window is for the whole school year). 


  • Take stock of how many unused rBook (and/or LBook) copies you currently have.
  • Check to see if there any used copies (maybe from students who only arrived halfway through the year) that you may be able to repurpose next year.  If so, collect them.
  • Based on these numbers, how many copies do you need to order for next year?  
  • Try and put the order in before the year ends!


  • Are all the headphones in working order?  (Be sure to check the microphones as well as the audio.)
  • If your using CD players for your audio books, check their condition... and don't forget about the batteries.
  • Do any of your computers or tablets need maintenance?  
  • Try to put any work orders or requests for new materials in before the summer hits!   

Independent Reading Library:

  • Take an inventory of any missing or damaged books (and CD's if your using them) and look into replacing any needed copies.
  • Discuss the possibility of expanding your READ 180 library with your administrator (or PTO:).  The supplemental collections (the Xtra collections) are an excellent resource to have!  
  • If you are still using READ 180 Next Generation, whisper in someone's ear about the plans to upgrade to READ 180 universal (it can't hurt right?).


  • Take a minute to step back and reflect about the great work you did this year.  Think about the lives you impacted and imagine some loud applause (The clapping is for you, and you deserve it!)