READ 180 Stretch 2 Reading: "In Deference to Crisis, a New Obsession Sweeps Japan: Self-Restraint" (Workshop 2)

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    June 12, 2012
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In these texts, readers discover how the fury of natural disasters impacts people’s lives.


Stretch 2 Reading is a collection of grade-level complex, nonfiction texts for READ 180 Next Generation.

  • The stretch text 2 for this workshop seems to be an area of concern for me. Why would you have so many challenging names and places in a text for struggling readers. While the tests have challenging texts, I don't believe they are impossible even for struggling readers. This text is awful!

    We had a R180 training today using this document.  It is a great way to take R180 to the next level and expose kids to higher level text while scaffolding the comprehension process.