Cereal Box Book Display Project

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    January 05, 2011
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    March 25, 2011
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Independent Reading Book Project. I didn't assign numerics to the rubric, yet. It's a work in progress. ;)

  • Just an update to this project.  Some of the authors from the READ180 library (especially the F/X library) don't seem to have any author information.  You may have to modify the directions if the student s creatingthe book based on an F/X title author.

    I was thinking about doing a project like this and didn't know what the students should include, this is perfect!! THANK YOU!

    Did something almost exactly like this with second graders and biographies during my student teaching. Students primarily did the projects at home with parental support. They were so much fun. We invited parents and had the students present. The students were so proud of their work.

    My students are currently finishing these up. They loved these projects! I hope you'll look past the 3 star rating it currently has, and please give it a shot. You can always modify it to better meet the needs of your students. I specifically used the project with my 8th grade, Read180 Flex students.

    do you have a page describing your requirements for the project content? I love this idea. thanks for sharing.