Blueford Series Teachers Guide

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Teacher's Guide for the Entire Bluford High Series


Hi!  I am a special education teacher from NJ working in a middle school.  This is the fifth year that we have Read 180 in our district, and almost every one of our students has made amazing gains.  I absolutely love teaching it and feel so fortunate that my school has the program for our struggling readers. I am a life-long-learner who is ALWAYS grateful to get tips and tricks from other educators, so thanks in advance for any info you'd like to share to make me a better Read 180 teacher! I will do the same and I thank the Read 180 Community for all the help, resources, advice, and support you have given me so far!


  • Hi! I am a special education teacher from Jasper, FL working in the high school. I am using the Bluford Series to engage my students and would very much like to have the audio books from Read 180. Where can I purchase them?

    You can purchase them at Townsend Press. They are $2.00 each.