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I have been teaching READ 180 for 5 years. I love the rBook! It has made my life so much better. The clear path for whole- and small-group truly makes me feel like I know what todo when - and my kids are engaged!

About My Classroom
When my students walk into their READ 180 classroom, they see immediately that something is different. They may notice the technology first, but it won’t be long before they realize that this is a classroom designed for engagement – with technology, with text, with me and with each other.
Experience and Training
I am a former first grade NYC teacher, who has taught SFA, Balanced Literacy and Everyday Math. In 2003, I left the classroom and became an Educational Technology professional working on programs that help teachers educate students.
Why I Teach READ 180 and/or System 44
I love working at Scholastic, and especially on READ 180, because READ 180 WORKS! It is an honor to work on a program that I beleive in with all my heart and a privilege to work for a company who wants to hear what teachers, students, and adminstrators have to say!
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