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I am a Language Arts teacher in a middle school. I have a Master's Degree in Reading. This is my first year teaching Reading 180. We did not get up and running until the middle of January, but I am so excited about the program. I can see how it touches on all of the areas that affect reading. The curriculum wraps around the students. Even as they are learning grammar in small group differentiation, they are also learning paragraphing.

I am a mother of 3. One of my daughters is a teacher. One of them is in Med. School and my son is getting ready to begin college.

I love teaching Language Arts, not because I love literature (even though I do), but because it gives students the power to change their lives.

We have been given such a complete program to move our kids to an enhanced knowledge of reading.

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I am set up with 7 computers in a home economics room. I have made curtains to cover the dishwasher and the stoves. It is a challenge to teach in this situation because I don't have blackboard space and the tables have to be lined up going to the back of the room. However, I have a whole group area, and then I move all the rotations to the rear of the classroom. It is interesting.
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This is my 6th yr. teaching in middle school language arts and my 8th yr. teaching. This is a third career for me. I recently earned my Master's Degree in Reading.
Why I Teach READ 180 and/or System 44
I was lucky enough to be selected to teach Reading 180. It is a great hope for these students that are already in middle school and still reading below grade level. In a climate that does not support reading, Reading 180 provides students with a chance to turn their situations around. By using technology, Scholastic has hit upon the one thing that puts our students on high alert to learn to read.
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