Noelle Morris
Orlando, Florida

One of the coolest and interesting facts about Noelle is that she was the first READ 180 teacher. 

About My Classroom
Noelle’s students’ results were very impressive. Her mentor transitioned her from classroom teacher to professional development. Noelle’s teaching and education consulting career spans over the past two decades.
Experience and Training
After a year of selling Birkenstocks and full-time substitute teaching in three counties, Noelle caught her break and was hired for her first middle school ELA and Science teaching position. Through her trials and tribulations, she had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Hasselbring, and then be asked by her administration to become part of the Orange County Literacy Project. She had no idea where this would lead her, but she truly believed she would be given the skills and resources for her students to achieve top results. She contributed to the development of READ 180 and other intervention programs as a senior editor as well as wrote the Teacher’s Edition for Action Magazine. Noelle has also written several books for a nonfiction library and materials for professional learning and continues to enjoy writing. Today, she still has a passion for teaching and learning. She’s grateful that her first classroom experience has rewarded her with the opportunity to work with the top thought leaders in education, contribute to programs that turn lives around and give students the joy of reading, and continuously support teachers with the great work that they do. Noelle received a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee where she majored in English. She is a mother of a middle school daughter, who does not appreciate her being a teacher mom. Thus, when Noelle is home, she loves that she is called mom, but practices ways of completing formative assessments without her daughter knowing that the teacher is in the room.
Resource List
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