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Hi!  I am a special education teacher from NJ working in a middle school.  This is the fifth year that we have Read 180 in our district, and almost every one of our students has made amazing gains.  I absolutely love teaching it and feel so fortunate that my school has the program for our struggling readers. I am a life-long-learner who is ALWAYS grateful to get tips and tricks from other educators, so thanks in advance for any info you'd like to share to make me a better Read 180 teacher! I will do the same and I thank the Read 180 Community for all the help, resources, advice, and support you have given me so far!


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My classroom is an inviting room with a smooth energy flow, where everyone is welcome! Our classroom community is one where people respect each other and are comfortable to make mistakes and talk out their problems. We've worked hard to build up trusting relationships through cooperative group activities and projects.
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I am dual-certified in special education and regular education & I also have a sociology degree. I have been a special education teacher my entire career and love working with kids with learning differences. Taking time every day to laugh and enjoy your kids is essential.
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I'm lucky! Read 180 is the main reading intervention in my district, and I am so grateful to be involved in this program. The support from my district has been amazing--they purchased Next Gen which has made life so much easier with access to data from home! I am such a huge believer in the program because I see it working every day! I have so much respect for Scholastic products and support.
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