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I'm the Read 180 Coach and I teach one class of Read 180 per day. I also teach core Language Arts to 7th and 8th graders at Edison Middle School. EMS is located on the east side of Bakersfield. CA. We are a small school district but have been around for over 100 years. Our district has a large hispanic populations who are wonderful kids. I have been teaching Read 180 for 3.5 years and love it!

I grew up in Saudi Arabia until I was 9 then I moved to the central valley of California. I caught the bug to travel when I was young. I try to pull in my experiences with the kids in Read 180.

Peronally, I have been married for 32 years and have two grown daughters.

Life is Great!

About My Classroom
I teach 8th Graders Read 180. So far this year they have read over 1.3 million words.
Experience and Training
I have attened one Read 180 Conference and would love to go to another one.
Why I Teach READ 180 and/or System 44
It is the best part of my day and I can work individually with students.
READ 180 Classroom Teacher
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