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My name is Jodie and I'm in my fourth year teaching Read 180 for the Columbus City Schools (CCS) of Ohio. This year I will be teaching 7th and 8th graders in a building that contains grades 7-12.  It will be an interesting year for the kids and me as a Read 180 teacher.

I have a HUGE room, finally!  It used to be a school library and has shelves on every wall.  I will take some of the shelves down so I can display student work and rewards.  Besides celebrating my new room, I am thrilled to report that CCS has adopted the extended SRC quiz program.  We went from eight thousand SRC quizzes to 50,000+.  Wahoo!  Student choice has just increased 7 fold. 

I love teaching my kids and look forward to going into work every day!  I work half time.  Sometimes, it is hard for me to stay at home until it is time to go in.  My day starts at 730 this year and I will be teaching five classes of Read 180.  Besides teaching, I take advantage of any PD opportunities I can find.

I used to teach Home Ec and thought that was fun.  READ 180 is so much better! 

I stopped working when my 2nd child was born.  My daughter is now 17 and and is a junior at the local high school.  My son, 20, is a junior at Ohio University  Athens. I could not be more proud of my kids.  Laughing 

I will be the only Read 180 teacher in the building and a collegue to whom I could vent is not at the same school,  

Sometimes I think "What did I get myself into?"

Some days I answer myself, "A genuinely rewarding experience that is changing lives." Other days I don't answer and hope for a better tomorrow.

At the start of any break I look forward to having time to evaluate and adjust my classroom practices.  I know that the time will fly, but I hope to get a jump start on planning for the next part of the school year.

I love it when a kid says to me, "The next time I get kicked out of a class, I am coming up here so I can read!"  In some twisted way, that makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I did tell the student not to go out of his way to do so!  Tongue out

I look forward to having last year's students come visit.  On the first day of school, two of my former students said they wanted to be in my class again.  I had to tell one that he "graduated" out (I was so proud of him) and the other I may still be able to fit in.  

About My Classroom
A whole new building which means a new classroom. It is easily 10 times the size of my old room. I have been setting things up and realized that both big and small rooms have their own challenges. I will post pictures when I can.
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I went to Buffalo State College in NY and graduated as a Home Ec teacher. I moved to California and needed one reading class for an elementary certificate. I took that as a graduate course. I loved reading so I finished my Masters in NJ as a Reading Specialist. I taught HS Home Ec in NJ. This is the first reading position I have held. What a a great program to get my feet wet with.
Why I Teach READ 180 and/or System 44
I teach READ180 because it makes me feel like I'm making a difference in someone's life. I enjoy seeing that "Aha" moment in a kid's eyes. Teaching kids who need READ 180 allows me to see that often. It is fun to celebrate the successes students have with READ180. My first experience with Scholastic was Book Fairs at my kids' schools. This program proves the quality of Scholastic products.
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