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I teach in an urban Middle school in MA. Have taught Read 180(Stage B) for 9 years. I had a Read 180 All-Star in my Grade 7 class in 2008, Burina Vann(see web site)She just graduate and is off to college to study microbiology!!! I love to read, surprise :) and it is rubbing off on my students!  This year I am a Read 180, Social St., ESOL, ELA teacher! Whew!  Oh, I forgot, Elem/Middle/HS tutor!

My school is one of 35 under-performing schools designated by the state and last year the district transfered many from my school, (only 5 original returning classroom teachers)NOW my school is being converted to a Charter School. So o o o ...besides teching I get to help train up an entirely new faculty.only to see them all transfered in 2 years or leave the District due to the Charter change.  I'm on Principal # 5 and #6 in 9 years and am not sure of my future here! (You know things are bad when the District Teacher of the Year LEAVES the District!!!) Our faculty and staff now equals 23 and at the end of this year I will be transferred to another school/grade/subject and will probably not be teaching Read 180 anymore, so I plan on going out with a BANG!   

I am still the Answer Man;  "Yes, you need a roster of the students for fire drills." "No, every student does not get 1 on 1 ESL help." "Yes, attendance NEEDS to be done daily."  Yes, dear, I won't be home til 8PM because I'm so far behind I can't see my desk!!  I hope at the end of the year I'll find as great a school with as great teammates and as great kids as I've had for the last 10 years!!!

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I have a comfortable, safe classroom where my students can question, discuss, display, share, lounge and enjoy the thousands of books available to them. They are encouraged to to be inquisitive, dig deeper into anything that interests them and share it with others.
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I have taught in ME, MT, MA, TX, from K-8 and Now HS, I take contant PD training and am working on my M.Ed(finally). I have been here for 10 years and still sing, well hum, (new teeth giving me problem) on the way in and on the way out of school although now it is earlier and later every day! lol
Why I Teach READ 180 and/or System 44
I get to see the incredible change that Read 180 can have on a students life and be a part of that every day.
READ 180 Classroom Teacher
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