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I have been teaching 23 years. The past two years I have used the Read 180 software. I love what the software offers the remedial reading classroom. The data provided by SAM are awesome and a tremendous help to the reflective teacher. Reflective teaching practices have always been a part of my strategy to improve my own teaching. I find Read 180 is a terrific tool for intermediate and advanced second language learners, but it leaves a lot to be desired for beginning English speakers.

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I teach 9th-11th grade ESL beginning and intermediate students in addition to a class of dyslexic students.
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- 23 years teaching grades K-college - BS in Elementary and Science Pedagogy - M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction - Language/Reading -Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction - Teacher Education
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I LOVE to teach READ and LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. My district adopted Read 180 as their Instructional programming and model which is how I became a Read180 teacher. I am not a proponent of "programs" for all students, but I do enjoy the Read180 software and rBook. I used a model like the R180 rotations even before the district adopted the program.
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