Amy Gibbons
Arlinton, TX

Despite the many academic challenges students at her school face, Ms. Gibbons has demonstrated a tireless effort to grow reading levels and build a growth mindset in every child she encounters, using READ 180. As a result, Ms. Gibbons has been a key factor in leading Ellis Elementary School to become one of the top performing READ 180 schools in the Arlington Independent School District. Ms. Gibbons also credits this to being part of a great team of educators in her district, school and READ 180 community that share the common goal to improve academic achievement and build social/emotional skills among students.

According to her school’s principal, Mr. Keith Boyd, "Ms. Gibbons spares no attention to details in making sure her learning environment is welcoming to students. And once the students are seated in front of her, she engages them by teaching from the heart."

"As a reading interventionist, teaching reading is my dream job because reading is important across all classroom subjects, as well as in everyday life," said Ms. Gibbons. "My favorite learning moments are those when I receive the opportunity to watch striving readers become the experts."

Watch Ms. Gibbons' journey to success here. 

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