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My name is Adam and I'm full-time academic writer and researcher at top20writingservices.com Given the seven years that I have worked in this field I have developed confidence in my work and I can confidently say that I'm reliable and dependable. My professional experience as an economist is vast as it spans over 5 years working with students and fellow economists in Australia and parts of Asia. During this period, I have played a key role in establishing various policies meant to spur economic growth in developing countries in these regions. As a tutor, I have depended on my knowledge gained from pursing a bachelor's degree in economics and now an ongoing Masters degree in the same subject. I have dedicated much time publishing online articles, magazines, and journals on a wide range of topics. In all these, I take much pride in providing quality work irrespective of the clients, audience or the scope of work. Moreover, my background as an online writer has given me a unique perspective to deliver hundreds of academic papers. I have successfully delivered over 260 papers in the last one year that have attracted positive reviews due to their excellent quality. I have demonstrated impeccable analysis and research skills in my editing and writing career.

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I really love my work and my students.
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Writer of the year "Upwork rating", trainings of writing every year.
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Because I think that everyone should be able to get an education.
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