N/A in r180 Grading Report

In my class I print out the Grading Report every 10 days, since I only see them every other day.  Then I take all the grades and average them.  Well, I printed out the last report and in one of my classes 6 out 11 kids have N/A in every column.  WDID?  Should I give them zeroes for not doing anything for the last two weeks?  I think that these kids are getting on the comps I can't see and going on websites they're not supposed to.

By tclark
Posted on: December 12 2012
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  • It has been my experience that when my students get N/A in the columns it is because they have completed their work in that area but, it seems odd that you would not get a grade in maybe the Success Zone. I could not speak to the students going where they should not be--guess it it possible. My students are positioned in such a way that I can see them on the computers while I am doing Small Group. They occassionally try to go to Edline to check their grades in the classes, but I discourage that during Topic Software time. Don't know if this helps..wish I had more to offer.   Mary

    How about running a Participation Report in Read 180.  Set the days you want to include- I run this each Friday for that week only.  That way I can keep tabs on how much each of my students is actually on the computer and completing segments.  Among SEVERAL other totals, it gives me total time and median time per session that I actually log in each week.  You could do this retroactively by just setting the dates for the weeks in question.  Hope this helps.

    I hadn't thought about the Participation Report!

    I make sure students are actually completing work on the Computer Software program because even if the Participation Report has the time denoted, students can be on other sites but have the program opened.  Students should be actively engaged on the program when it's open and running   Sharing the Participation Report during student conferences is a good opportunity to inquire about the amount of time spent in each of the Zones.  Students can focus on making adjustments on their own.

    Check data on the Comparative Time-on-Task to see how much time students are spending in each Zone, also.  Share data with each student during student conferences.


    All these ideas are very good. Several N/as for six out of ten students is very high. That could mean a problem is spreading. Checking the different reports is good for sleuthing out the problem. You need to know that the Grading Report was not designed to be run so frequently. The intent by the developers was for it to be used fit grading period reports. Also, N/As will appear when students are scoring 100% in the Spelling and Word Zone Assessment activities because the students have no study words. That can be checked in the Student Segment Status Report.

    I understand that the Grading Reprot is only intended to be used quarterly.  If a student has not finished a certain zone they will not have a "grade" and the report will say "N/A".  Any suggestions as to a report that could be used more frequently?  In my district we are required to upload grades WEEKLY.  Parents expect to see grades posted OFTEN.  Using the Grading Report only at the end of the quarter can cause a huge surprise for parents and much confusion.  I do check participation reports and also grade Ind. Reading, Small group and Whole group work.  I just need a suggestion for something that maybe I can use to get software grades more frequently....even bi-weekly.  My classes are only 60 minutes as well so we run a 2 day rotation - all students are not in all rotations everyday. 

    I enter the grades from the grading report and then change that score weekly as their average changes. At the end of the grading period, there will only be one score for each area, and it will be the average for that period of time.

    I use the Read 180 Reading Progress Report which shows students completed computer segment grades per segment, not by marking period.  The Student Segment Status Report is also helpful and is the only report to include a grade for the Success Zone Discrepancy Passage.  I post segment grades once the Success and Writing Zones are completed. Inbetween, I use the Time-on-Task report as a weekly computer participation grade.  Students should be working on the software at least 15 minutes a day.  I require 16 minutes this MP which is 80 minutes for a 5 day week (5 x 16min).  A T-o-T grade is posted each week (65 minutes / 80 minute = 81%).  You can manipulate the time period by clicking the link at the top left of the report and changing the day your week begins.   I also show this report on the smartboard for students to see how their time is a couple of days a week.   


    When you have a report that is not working for you this year that worked for you last year, it usually means that the school year dates have not been changed for the new school year.  Someone with administrative access to SAM, will need change the dates.  Here's how: Login to SAM using an administrative login. Double click on the school name. In the Roster screen, select Edit School Profile in the upper right corner. Change the school year dates in this screen. Edit School Profile Location: Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    I am having an issue with N/A in the Comprehension Skills Report. Every time I try to look at the Comprehension Skills Report for my classes, there is no data displayed. I used this report last year for progress monitoring. I would really like to use it again, it's great because it breaks down specific skills and alot of those skills are ones my students are working on for their IEP goals. Do anyone know why no data is being displayed here?

    I use the grading report only at progress report and report card times, which actually is about 7-8 times a year. I print a report for each class, and then scan it for any oddball scores. Occasionally I do find one, and then I go to the Segment Status report and hand-write in the score.

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