eReads and iPads

Hey everyone -

Just wondering if you are using iPads or eReads (Kindle Fire, Nooks, etc) in your classroom. If so how?

Post back here, or email me at spuccerella@scholastic.com


Posted on: April 20 2012
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  • Hi Suzanne, I have three Kindle eReaders in my classroom for students to use in independent reading.  They are all connected to my class Amazon account and ebooks can be easily added as needed.  I introduced them when students started asking a lot of questions and expressed an interest in eReaders, the Kindle Fire, and iPad.   Debbie


    Hopefully you have a great last month of school!  


    I was lucky enough to get 3 Nooks through donations through donorchoose.org, and a parent reader donated her Nook because she upgraded to an IPAD. My students have to earn the right to read them. They are all doing their best. I am so excited. I hope to be able to get one for each student to use in my class.

    Margey, The Amazon account was simple to set up, but yes, I do use my own credit card, but have one I use just for that purpose.  I'm not sure my district would purchase the ebooks, or if they did, give me access to the $ or account.  I have not borrowed books from the library, although it can be done, because books are only lent for a 2-week period and I cannot guarantee a student would finish their ebook in 2 weeks. When I sent up my Amazon Accounts, I used my home email and name w/o my middle initial for my personal Kindles and apps, and set up an new account using my school email and my name with middle initial for any school purchases and the Kindles my students use.  On my school account I currently have 3 wifi-only Kindles (as a frame of reference, on my personal Amazon account, I have 2 Kindle Fires (my sister and bro-in-law), 1 iPad app + 1 android app, plus 1 Kindle eReader, for a current total of 5).  This way my family and I can all read the purchased ebooks.  For the school account, I can buy one book, but add it to more than one device or app.  I do not sync the books accross devices and all devices used in school are wifi only so students cannot access the account. However, just as a precaution and for accountability, students record their location number (ebook page numbers) on their reading log or blog log.  I currently have 3 class Kindles and the same books are added to each, but students are assigned a specific Kindle to use so the location numbers so not get skewed. Since I only have the ereader version, not the Kindle Fire, we are limited to just reading books.  However, using class laptops I am hoping to have my students blog about their books on KidBlog, which is super simple and not cluttered, and the teacher has to approve all posts so you don't have wise-guy Joe making inappropriate comments.  Because I have the Amazon accounts, I have only purchased ebooks from them and all the current books have been available.  My students really like the Bluford High series and those afre also available from Amazon very inexpensively.  Even Hunger Games was less than $6.  With Kindle Fires you might have more options than I do as far as reading apps, but I'm not sure.  Scholastic has also introduces their ebook app, Storify through the Scholastic Store and it comes with free books - not sure but I think the free books are for really young kids.  I think I covered all your questions, but if not, I'm here. Debbie

    Debbie, was it difficult to set up a classroom Amazon account?  Did you have to use your own credit card?  Are you borrowing books from your public library or how are you getting the really current books that kids the are dying to read?  Have you done anything else with your Kindles or are you just using them for reading?  I am looking into using the Kindle Fire for students entering reading reactions to a log using the Quick Office app but I haven't gotten too far yet!

      Does anyone know the android app to bring up SAM on an android device. We are hosted through Scholastic but I can't figure out the login?

    I'm not sure about an app, but it may work directly from your device's browser.  Apple products need apps to overide the lack of Flash on the devices.  Have you tried accessing SAM from your browser?


    Generally, SAM is not available on computers or other devices away from your school unless your school has its READ 180 hosted by Scholastic. The Dashboard has an app on the iPad.  Since Androids have Flash, I think you could try the Dashoard in the browser on your Android, just as you would on your home computer.

    READ 180 is only available for students on iPads if Scholastic hosts your server.  If your school has READ 180 on its own server, as mine does, then your students will not be able to use READ 180 on an iPad.  they can access eReads or the limited eBooks on an iPad, tho.

    Here at my school this is our first year and we are using iPads (when they arrive) They are being loaded right now by tech  

    Ugh that's what I was afraid of... :(

    Are students able to go on Next Gen on iPads now? Are they actually able to record, etc? Has anyone tried this? 

    Kindle and iPad both are equally popular. The Benefits of Kindle Reader over the iPad is just that almost all Seller stores offer Books for them. I recently did a survey through some strategies from Inside The Tech Interview book and came to learn about it. Personally I like it iPad though. :)

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