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Hi All!  I recently noticed a comment on the postcards we all get reminding us that the READ 180 National Summer Institute is in New Orleans this summer.  NSI will only occur every other year from here on in - 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, etc. - sort of like a READ 180 Olympics!  If your schools have been considering sending you to NSI, this information might be of interest.  

If you have considered sending yourself to NSI, but the cost is too much every year, having NSI every other year may make it easier to consider.  For those who are considering it, and are wondering about the costs, approximately $1750 covers registration (inc. breakfast & lunch), flight, airport-hotel RT transportation, and hotel.  If you share a room, you're looking at $1500, or less if your flight is below my estimated $400.  Costs not included: two dinners, possible parking at your home airport, and entertainment beyond the workshop hours.  

In addition, you receive a professional development certificate to document your attendance and PD hours.  In NJ, teachers must have 20 hours a year totaling 100 hours every five years.  My attendance at NSI covers that requirement. 

I hope this information is helpful and am looking forward to NSI New Orleans!


Posted on: January 08 2012
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  • droberts

    NSI only every other year?!  What will we do in the odd years?!  LOL.  I so look forward to going to NSI, I am sorry to see the odd years going away.  Although, after working with the Scholastic folk and seeing all the wonderful things they do and how busy they are, plus the rising cost of EVERYTHING I can understand why the changes are occurring.  It is too bad though, I look forward to gaining so many new ideas and getting energized to start the new school year from the NSI.  I hope to attend in New Orleans this year, it will depend on cash flow and time with the new baby coming but we will see what happens.  Sorry to see the odd years going away but glad we will still have every other year to celebrate our successes and each other. Dan

    I'm with you, Dan.  Disappointed, but understanding.  I believe part of the reason is to allow Scholastic more time to develop the content for a better professional development experience.  I will miss NSI on the odd years.   Debbie

    that there was talk of Scholastic hosting smaller regional institutes to help reduce travel costs for participants.  I think our regional sales rep may have mentioned this.  Has anyone else heard this?  I doubt I will ever be able to attend another NSI with all of the cuts our district has made unless it is closer to us in the upper midwest.  I could drive to Chicago or Kansas City!  

    Margey, They do have something in Atlanta (?), but I cannot find any reference to it.  I did not keep the information as I attended NSI and knew my district would not send me.  If I do find the information, I will pass it on. I get so much out of NSI and I hope they do not cancel it.  My other concern is that since there is not an NSI next summer, my district might drop the funding, so I have started an NSI Savings account with $25 bi-monthly to be sure I can attend in 2 years. If I don't need to use it, then I have some savings for something else.  Debbie    

    Will the 2014 NSI be in New Orleans this year? I am trying to find out as much information as I can because I am writing a grant.  

    It will be in Orlando; however, no date has been announced yet.  http://www.scholastic.com/products/read180institute/index.htm


    I have been asking around about NSI for next year.  Debbie is right about location and the combination with the Model Schools Conference.  I asked about charges.  They have not been determined yet.  I good rule of thumb might be to take the charges for years past and add some to them.  We were in the Peabody Hotel the last time.  That would be a place to look, too.  Take a look at the information that Debbie posted about NSI in New Orleans. Those dollar amounts would probably work for the grant. In a former life, I wrote grants for my school district.  A couple things you might want to add to the list that Debbie included would be ground transportation--you probably won't need a car because everything is right there at the hotel meals--cushion it a bit for coming and going as well as evening meals, lunch the last day airfare--look online and use the higher rates reporting costs--figure out a way to share what you learn when you return so you may want to make CDs, jump drives, or duplicated materials to share with other teachers (Most grant agencies like this feature.) The good news is that for NSI, many of the meals were covered in the past.  You might budget them all in to be on the safe side in case you underestimate a cost item elsewhere. Remember that with a grant once it is submitted you cannot usually add anything, so if costs are underestimated too much then you will have to cover th difference.  For some grants you can also pay yourself for the time you attend the conference.  Remember that some grants like that and some don't.  Know your grant.  Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    that stinks Debbie...I was really looking forward to meeting you next year since I didn't find you last summer....

    unfortunately, those dates dont work for me.  My family vacation is that week every year and we already have a deposit on a house in Duck, NC for that week. 


    NSI will be part of the Model Schools Conference in Orlando.  Here is the latest information that you may need for grant-writing purposes: 22nd Annual Model Schools Conference Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin June 22-June 25 Room Rates $229 Conference Registration: Early Bird until Feb. 14 $520, Add a Pre or Post Conference for $150 each After Feb 14th - $575

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