I have 2 Read 180 reports for the same student - the Grading Report and the Student Segment Status Report . The Grading Report gives him a 0% for Comprehension Score in the Read 180 Software Progress category. On the Student Segment Status Report, he has a 33% for Comprehension Score. It also says he has completed 7 of the 10 Quick Check questions.

Why the different scores?  And why such a low score if he's completed 7 out of 10 questions?

Please help - parent wanting answers...

Posted on: October 07 2011
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  • MrsB

    Did you have the same date range set on both reports? And the 7/10 doesn't mean they were correct, just completed--even though it makes them keep choosing again until they get it right it's only the 1st response that counts toward the comprehension score. Hope this helps.

    MrsB is correct. The 7/10 means he has completed 7 fo the 10 comprehension questions.  He only got 1/3 of them correct.  The program only grades the student's first selection.  I use this as a grade and make sure my students know it's their first choice that counts.  For my really low students, I give them a copy of their text while in the Reading Zone (but not when in the Success Zone). The zero in the grading report is most likely because there is no history - he hasn't completed a segment yet, right?  I actually prefer using grades from the READ 180 Reading Report as thoase are shown for each segment.  The Grading Report, if I'm recalling correctly, only averages their segments.  The Reading Report is more up-to-date, in my opinion.  Especially if you have a student who, like yours, does poorly at the beginning, but shows great improvement later when he better understands how the program works and keepd track of progress.  Debbie 


    I believe the problem is the dates are not correct on the Grading Report.  Sometimes at the beginning of the year, the software administrator at a school misses setting the dates for the new school year.  That has to be done in SAM by a software administrator.  It is done at the school level in the Roster screen.  There is a hotspot in the upper right corner of the screen called Edit School Profile.  The dates are set in that screen. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community


    I like the Grading Report for determining grades for a grading period.  The default for that report is the current grading period. As Debbie says, the percentage is for the percentage of the questions answered correctly on the first try.  Students can always return to the passage to find the correct answers.  That is another good reason why this is a good score to use. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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