Teaching Read 180 The Next Generation and System 44 in same class

Is anyone else struggling trying to find the balance while teaching Read 180 and System 44?  I have students that did really well with Read 180 last year, but still have low lexiles.  I would like them to continue in the Read 180 R Book, do System 44 during instructional software and during small group do the R Book....along with having a mini lesson on System 44 and having homework in the System 44 book.

Can I combine both programs?  I don't think System 44 has enough writing and has to be supplemented.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!!


By mrsk
Posted on: September 22 2011
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  • It is not reccommended to have a student use both System 44 and Read 180 at the same time because System 44 is meant to be more of a precursor to Read 180 as it deals with the students phonics abilities and it teaches them how different letters anif d letter groupings sound together . Read 180 is much more efficient when the students already have the foundations that System 44 provides. My suggestion is if you have a student that you feel would benefit from System 44 then have the student take an SRI test (This is the Read 180 assessment test). If the student does poorly (There are base lexile bands in SRI's Settings in SAM that should be able to give you an idea what is lower than average) then you can have the student take an SPI test (System 44's assessment test). If the student's SPI test labels him/her as anything other than an Advancing Decoder then you may want to look into having the student use Systen 44. If the student is labeled an Advancing Decoder then you should feel comfortable that the student will not gain much from System 44 and should start off with Read 180. * Keep in mind though, if System 44 is set to automatically place a student based on their initial SPI score, and they were labeled as an Advancing Decoder then if the student tries to log into System 44 for the first time, it will generate a message saying that the student should be using Read 180 and will not allow the student to continue with System 44.   This was my first post on this site so I hope I was understandable for the most part.

    Hi Joy, I have 5 students spread over 3 classes who will be doing System 44 and the rBook.  I've "dabbled" in System 44 before while halping the ESL teacher, but never taught it in my classes as we did not have enough licenses.  We have bought more licenses and classroom materials and I am looking forward to using it with my very low Lexile students.  I have a class companion for the Stage C rBook that students use in whole and small groups and there is writing included in that.  They won't be able to complete everything, but I think improving their Lexile and comprehension is a higher priority.  I'm still working out the kinks in my classroom rotation schedule.  Debbie

    Debbie, Thank you...it looks like you are doing the same as me....I pulled a power point from the Resources about integrating System 44 in a Read 180 class.  ebtech....thank you for taking the time to respond.  You are right...it is better to just do System 44 , but I feel that it is only giving the students the phonetic piece and feel that they need to work on other skills as well.  I pulled a power point about integrating System 44 in a Read 180 class and it said to Teach Read 180 whole group...small group System 44, but I don't think it's enough.  We haven't had our formal training yet, at that point I will have a lot of questions. Thanks guys, Joy

    HI I would love a copy of the System 44 interventions you are using in your r180/44 combo class so that they can differentiate in indep reading and small group time...Thanks jvisaya@fpschools.org


    I teach a combined model of R180 with S44 three times a day.  I have my three rotations in each class; Silent Reading, Small Group and Computer.  When my students are in silent reading they are working out of the appropriate library.  If they are a R180 student they follow the same plan as my S44 students only they are using paperback and audiobooks from the R180 library.  MY S44 students use books from the S44 library.  While they are on the computers they work in the appropriate software based on whether they are S44 or R180.  In small group we all work out of the "L" and "R" books.  This is where I really differintiate my instruction and my groups.  The new Dashboard's "Groupinator" will help you with these groups.  My higher students are working deeper in the "L" and "R" books while my newer students are working in the front of the books.  If you send me your e-mail address I can send you a copy of my differintiaed expectations for R180 and S44 students in silent reading.  You can see my rotations on my Blog for System 44 in the "media" section of the web page.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to contact me any time if I can be of further assistance.  You can find me in the "Members" section of the webpage. Daniel Roberts


    System 44 was actually designed to fit seamlessly into a READ 180 classroom, allowing teachers to use the rBook during Whole-Group instruction, and to use either the 44Book/44 SMART Lesson or the rBook during small group, System 44 Software during the Software rotation, and the System 44 library during independent reading. Joy, your plan for using the 44 Book as homework is excellent. You may also want to extend your checkpoint days to 2 or 3 days to ensure that your get your time with your 44 students focusing on their decoding and phonics needs. In order to keep your R180 students on task, check out the rBook projects in the Resource Library. Best of luck!  

    Thank you!!!  Someone from Scholastic is coming to train us next week in System 44...hopefully after the training I won't have as many questions. I appreciate all of your suggestions!! Joy

    Our school district told us that all students use the rBook during whole group. HO\owever, the System 44 students use the 44 Book during their small group session.

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