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Is there any way to slow down the response time for the Word Zone?  I have students with processing difficulties.  They need to scan the list up and down and then back to the word.  Because they are so slow in clicking on the word, they don't get out of the Word Zone.  They are getting very frustrated because everyday, they need to go back to the word zone.

Posted on: December 03 2010
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  • Deb... To slow down the word zone, go into SAM....click on the class that your student(s) is in, then click on that student's name.  Go down to the bottom of the screen (where Programs are listed), click on the Read180 Settings.   At the bottom right of this screen are your Support Options.  Click on the grey arrow to set the reading speed to a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. In this area you can also enable captioning and different colors on the screens.  I have used this for one of my students who is MR and whose processing is very slow.  It seems to help him quite a bit.   Hope this helps you....Good luck!


    We are experiencing a similar situation with a child in our program.  Please let me know if you find a solution.  Thanks!

    I tried this and it worked beautifully.  The speed change immediately.


    You all have taught me something new.  I did not know that the speed at the bottom of the Settings screen would affect the Word Zone speed.  I can't believe that I've worked with this all this years and am just now learning this. I'm heading back to the software manual tonight to read about this one. Thank you all. Dee

    1 is the slowest.  5 is fastest. 

    Still wondering which is the slowest - 1 or 5.  Could someone please respond?  Thanks.  

    I went to a day 2 conference yesterday and found out the following.  There is a stick person at the top of the screen of the reading zone.  You can move this stick person left for slower and right for faster.  This rates how fast the delivery of the passages, the words on word zone and speling zone appear.  This is what I understood.  Another thing I learned is that you need to have each kid work at each computer and set their own settings for speed and volume etc and then log out with quit always.  This way if you have to put them at different computers then usual sometimes their settings are locked for their preferencs and login information.  Again this is how I understood the info.  Goodluck.  I am sure you could also email someone at READ 180 in customer service to get the answers if this doesn't work.

    So is 1 the fastest or the slowest?


    I'm double checking the speed setings because I have always had a different understanding of this.  I'll get back to everyone.


    I did some double checking because this was the first time I heard of changing the speed in the READ 180 Settings to change the speed in the Word Zone.  You all need to know that changing the speed in the READ 180 Settings has no effect on the Word Zone.  That speed change only affects the Reading Zone, and the students can alter that setting themselves in the software. The only tricks that I know to help students through the Word Zone are: 1.  Remind them that it is consistency of response on the Assessment activity that determines their words--not speed. 2.  Give them the hint to read every word before responding in the Assessment at the beginning because this helps with consistency of response. 3.  Tell them that the speed required in the Speed Challenge is detemrined by them, by the speed they respond with in the Assessment. 4.  Let them know that they cannot even get to the Speed Challenge if they are not 100% successful on the Mix-Up (as they call it). 5.  Explain that if they stop the Speed Challenge with Pause or Word, the words are mixed up again so they are better off if they can recognize the word on the first try. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community    

    Thanks so much!  I've always wondered how to do that!

    Thanks for these tips for Word Zone.  Why do we not know these tips when we are trained in READ 180?  I hope this works from some of my ESL students.

    I reformatted your tips to post.  I will go over these with the students today.   Word Zone: Five Tips for Students: 1.  Consistency of response on the Assessment activity determines the word list--not speed. 2.  At the beginning, read every word before responding in the Assessment activity. 3.  Speed in the Speed Challenge is determined by the response speed from the Assessment. 4.  Speed Challenge is only available once 100% in the Mix-Up activity. 5.  Stopping the Speed Challenge with “Pause” or “Word” causes the words to mix-up again.


    What a great idea--to post those suggestions for the Word Zone.  I like your rewording. Dee

    Yes--thanks for the poster idea! I will be putting this up in my classroom tomorrow! 

    Great question!

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