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I wanted to see if anyone has ever encountered these problems with the software or if its just my school/classroom.

1.  In the middle of using the program, the students receive an error message that says "An unexpected error occurred, Read180 must exit."  Then, the student is kicked off the program and must relogin again.

2. When students are in the reading zone, they press the recording button and begin to record. They are holding the microphone to their mouth and speaking in a louder voice, yet Ty will interrupt their recording before they finish and say, "I can't hear you" and then they can't finish the recording piece.  We've tried moving the man at the top to a slower recording speed too even. Help!

These are the two most common errors that I experience in my classroom and wanted to see if anyone else experiences these as well.

Posted on: September 26 2010
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  • I understand that our computers are low on memory.  (We will actually get this message from the computer once in a while.)  Perhaps your computer's are having memory problems too.  :)

    Ever since we were updated we have been experiencing the unexpected error and students are kicked out of the program.  It is frustrating.  Since we are in Alaska, I rarely am able to get in touch with the Tech Support due to the time difference.  Students are frustrated and so am I.  Mariellen

    I am having the same issue.  Ever since the programs are launched via internet, it takes forever for students to get the zone menu once logged in, and the microphone will not always be picked up by the software;  it is not consistent between computers, it changes so I don't believe it is my computers.  I have more problems with system 44 being very "glitchy" and students often have to quit and then log back in.  it gets very frustrating.  


    Whenever you have computer issues like that, be sure to call Tech Support.  The problem can be caused by something as simple as a setting.  Those Tech Support personnel are very helpful and are your "friends."  Besides, your distict has paid for Tech Support.  You can reach Tech Support at 1-800-283-5974. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community.

    Thank you, Ashley, you said it exactly.  I am also finding issues, but hadn't realized there was a difference in the launching.  My System 44 is also very glitchy and will freeze, or never load properly.  Sound is not always picked up by the mics.  These issues are resolved eventually if students log off and log in again, sometimes taking 3 or more times before the program will finally work properly.  The problems are mostly with System 44, not READ 180 that I've noticed. Debbie

    Check to see if the student is enrolled in Reading Counts in SAM.  Also, for the book quiz, check in SAM to verify that the quiz is available.  It is possible the quizzes haven't been loaded on your server completely.  Is the book one that came with your program, or one you have added?  Also, Some titles are difficult to search for and it sometimes helps to search for the book by author.   If none of this works, call READ 180 Tech Support. Debbie

    I have a problem getting on the Scholastic Counts for students to take a book quiz.  One of my students can get on Read 180 but could not get in when he needed to take a quiz.  I also have problems with the system not finding the book they have read that is from Read 180. 


    I understand the problem with a time difference with Tech Support.  You can use the email option on the Support for Tech Support.  Just click on the Support tab in the Community.  Then click on the Go Now!  button in the Tech Support portion of the page.  Then click on the Contact Us hotspot to the right on the screen. You can email Tech Support there.  You will have an email "conversation," and it will take longer, but they will help you figure out what is wrong. By the way, I have seen those same error messages.  When I encountered them it was caused by one of two or tharee things:  slow network, a computer security program like Deep Freeze, wierd settings on the local computers. Dee

    I have one student who is experiencing the "Unexpected error..." message everytime she completes the questions in the Reading Zone. I suspect that it must be a data base error - since it is only happening with this one students files and it is not dependent on the computer she uses.  


    For repeated errors with one student like that when it doesn't happen for many students, you should give Tech Support a call at 1-800-283-5974. They are very helpful.  They helped us with that for one of our students. Dee

    We are having the same issue with the Recording piece- it seems like any time their voice dips low, Ty says he can't hear them and they get booted.

    I am having those issues as well. The teacher also tries to use the cast feature and and loses connection. Very frustrating.

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