Question about Scholastic U?

I could swear we were told in our Read 180 training that Scholastic U would be free...does anyone know if that's true?

Posted on: September 24 2010
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  • Our school was given one Scholastic U login for free.  I took the class and highly recommend it! Note: Although the course was free, there was a cost for getting the credit from the University of San Diego. (There were some other choices for the credit option, I choose the cheapest one at the time.)


    You receive a free course on READ 180.  cottle is right about that there is a cost if you want college credit for the class.

    Thanks for the info--do you know who I would contact to get the free Read 180 course? No one responded to my email to S.U.


    In your Teacher Implementation Guide that you get at the first day of training on p. 166 are all the directions for using the "free" READ 180 course.  The course is called READ 180: Best Practices for Reading Intervention.

    I would suggest contacting Scholastic RED Implementation Manager Julia Stefanczyk. Her email is jstefanczyk@scholastic.com. She should be able to help you get started with the course READ 180: Best Practices for Reading Intervention.

    Hi, I work in the marketing department at Scholastic Education and I just want to clarify the difference between Scholastic U and Scholastic RED courses. Every stage of READ 180 comes with two free enrollments to the online Scholastic RED course called: READ 180--Best Practices for Reading Instruction. Instructions on how to enroll are included in the professional develoment start-up porfolio that comes with the Teacher Bookshelf. Teachers who wish to take the READ 180 course for credit, can do so by contacting any of the Scholastic RED university credit partners (listed on the Scholastic RED website under the Universtiy Credit Partners link on the left side of the home page). The universities charge varying fees for graduate credit. Teachers are free to select whichever partner they prefer; they can use the links in that section of the website to register for graduate credit. Scholastic U, available in January 2011, is an online professional development destination that includes access to 20 graduate-level online couses in reading instruction and assessment--as well as thousands of just-in-time resources, community, and other interactive features. Scholastic U courses are not tied to any specific Scholastic program. Scholastic U is sold as an annual subscription per school. I hope this clears up any confusion. Enjoy your READ 180 course! Jeannie Sharkey, Scholastic Education  

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