Bulletin Board Ideas

In one of the former posts Cindy asked about bulletin Board ideas.  I thought "WOW, what a great question."  

So....what is your favorite Bulletin Board that you use?

What about your kids favorite?

My favorite is the Success Zoners. Everytime a student completes the Success Zone they get to put a ribbon on the board.  AFter they finish an entire segment they get to put a Gold Cup and take the four Ribbons home.  Their name is on all of the rewards and the kids like to compete with each other and classes compete against each other, too.

By jodieo1
Posted on: August 05 2010
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  • Pictures would be great, too!!!

        I posted a pic on my profile.  It is the called Success Zoners.  Each class had their own color ribbon so it was obvious which class had the most "Success Zoners".  I don't think I can post it on the message board. I will definitely use it again this year. I liked it as much as the kids.  I used a die cut machine for the ribbons and Cups. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Jodie  

    I moved my reading area next to a half wall and a window.  I plan to string line across two of the windows and let kids "hang" their work on the line with clothes pins.  That makes a more mobile site that can be changed often, without the hassle of staples, background paper, etc.  I hope it works. I will submit a photo later when we get going!

    For the first time I will have windows.  I love the idea of a line with clothes pins.  I have limited wall space because I have two walls of windows.  One is an outside wall and the other is the wall we share with the library.  I was thinking of trying to use window paint on the library window wall!  I would love to find an artistic student to paint some murals that would look good from the library side as well as my classroom side.

    Here is the picture of my favorite bulletin board.  I learned a new trick-thanks Dee!


    You can post the pictures on the Message Board of your bulletin boards.  If you have added the picture to your media, simply click on the  button in the icons at the bottom of the Message screen.  I just added the picture of the button that way.  I uploaded the picture to my personal pictures, then clicked on the button at the bottom of the screen and added the picture to my posting.    So please, please take pictures of your bulletin boards and post them to this message strand.  Teachers are always asking for ideas. Thanks to those of you who have added your ideas.  They are great! Dee

    This year I decorated my classroom in the theme "be a read 180 rock star",  I found lots of great things at oriental trader for the decorations and rewards to earn throughout the year.  Students will set goals for SRI growth, and as they meet their goal, they get on the "rock star" wall.  I also have space for all students to track the books they have read, number of words, and this year I added software segments completed.  Students love to see their progress and I will have to stress the importance on quality of work to ensure they don't rush.

    I have a wall with a green Success Zone at the top that resembles the icon the kids see on their computers.  Then, spread out all over the wall are 3x5 cards with each students name written in large letters.  I copied and laminated all the topic CDs that came with Stage B and cut them out (OK, it took a long time) and then cut them into fourths.  I have a small envelope with each students name and the pieces to the topic CD they're working on is in the envelope.  I keep them in a box on my desk.  When they complete the success zone, they let me know and I give them one of the laminated fourths of their CD and they tape it to the wall under their 3x5 card.  This really seems to motivate them as they see how many CDs they can get.  It's also a good visual for me, because I can just look up at the wall and see who might be moving to fast or too slow.

    I love this idea, and I have a question.   In order to earn a ribbon, do the students have to succeed at a certain level?  I'm a bit concerned that they'll try to "race" through the success zone to earn a ribbon and they won't take their time and do their best. Thoughts?


    I just tried double clicking on jodieo1's picture of her bulletin board and it enlarged and took me to that page in the media.  I can then leave a comment on the media.  Hey, hey, we're all learning new things. Dee

    I took the Success Zoners BB idea and "tweeted" it just a bite.  I bought a chart for each of my classes at the local school aids (it has like 40 columns and 30 something rows. . .and its green and white).  Across the top I listed the  9 software topics and the four segments under each topic.  I then assigned a 4 digit number to each student (this is due to the fact that we can't post student names).  As each student finishes a segment and reaches the success zone (and passes) they get a dot.  This way, I have a quick way to check who is where in the software topics and vistors to my class can see my student's successes.  So far so good.  Almost forgot. . .feedback from my students suggest that they love the idea of tracking their progress.

    Hi. That's correct.  All pictures you post via the boards are stored in the media section of the Commmunity Web site. You can also post videos in this way. john

    I wish I could delete my mistakes!  I hit the back button and the post disappeared.  Then I continued typing and could not post it.  Technology is not my thing today!  Sorry

    I love that idea!  I think I am going to do the teacher thing and steal that one!  I would love to see pictures of your BB. 

    I saw a teacher post stars on the ceiling tiles.  She tacked them up.  Each student had their own section and as they finished a topic they got a new star posted on the ceiling! Another great idea is to have ready made mini certificates so when student saccomplish something ( passing a quiz, finishing a segment or topic,etc.) they tell you when they come to small group. You then put their name on the ceriticate and they post it on the bulletin board themsleves right then and their.  Immediate positive feedback and a daily visual of their accomplishment.

    I've heard the Think Up Theory when trying to find space in a small area.  I might try to figure a way to do the ceiling thing if I run out of room on my walls!  Great idea!

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