Students reading at level BR-0

This past year, I had a student who was dislexic.  He struggled terribly all year, often just giving up.  His last SRI showed just a little improvement, which was great!  However, he most often simply refused to participate.  Does anyone have any suggestions for using the program with dislexic students?

Posted on: July 29 2010
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    This has been my struggle for four years! I had students who tested BR. At first, I exited them from the class because I didn't think they could access it. I was trying to get something else for them. I was excited when System 44 came out, but our school couldn't afford it. We tried The Wilson Language System and I found a program called Language Tune-Up Kit. Google them and you'll find them. I used the Wilson program in my small groups and had the students reading both audiobooks and the FX books from Scholastic. The thing to remember about audiobooks is that the kids may be listening more than reading, so for the severely dyslexic, all it does is help them with story structure and develop a love of reading. Both are good things, but the severely dyslexic need explicit phonics instruction. What's important to remember about dyslexics is that most of them are of average to above-average intellegence. They may feel dumb because they can't read, but this is not the case. They often need extra support with this issue! Another thing to remember is that their reading problem is a brain difference that gives them skills in other areas, like athletics, problem-solving, art and/or engineering. I scoured Amazon.com for books about dyslexia and found some great ones. Our school is one of the schools in the district to pilot System 44 next year. I'm very exciting because no matter what else I've tried, having a program that was built to integrate with Read 180 is the best answer. Barring that, get one of the programs I mentioned and work it in small group. If they do okay on the computer, let them continue, but many severe dyslexics are frustrated by the computer. Keep at it, no matter what. These kids need our help, since most school districts don't really have anything that helps these kids. My opinion is that if we could train these kids using System 44 as soon as we know there's a problem, we'd have far fewer kids in Special Ed.

    I don't know if you have System 44 but that is the program that all my student who are BRs work on. It is a phonics based program from Scholastic. It really seems to work well with those students who are really struggling readers.

    I had two students who had dyslexia.  They struggled with reading level 1 books, but did excellent with audio books.  On the software, I used the advanced feature of changing the background color, it helped them focus during spelling and word zone.  System 44 if you can get it is wonderful and really helped these students make several hundred point lexile gains.  If not try to find books in the 100-200 lexile range so they don't get frustrated.  Lexile.com, barnes and nobles.com, and scholastic book club flyers will give you lexiles for most books.  hope this helps!  ashley 

    My son ended 4th grade reading at top 1st grade and bottom 2nd grade level.For 2 years he had this Read 180 (system 44) and it did NOT work for him.  He had a Special Education "Reading Specialist" working with him that said this was working and he was making strides.  Sure, he made some strides, but nothing near his potential if he had been taught with Orton Gillingham.  BTW, the "Doctor/Researcher at Harvard/Speaker" that I got to evaluate him, concurred with another Evaluation I paid for stating he should STOP immediately using System 44 as it is confusing etc.  We do use some font and background color changes and the teachers now use multisensory teaching more.  I got him private tutoring in O.G. Certified Teacher (after course, O.G. Teacher must intern with 100 hours working with children at the center that taught them and only a few teachers have taken this in Rhode Island).  After several Education Evaluations (privately obtained), it had to prove my case and FINALLY the school stopped using Read 180.  It is a great system for struggling readers but NOT for Dyslexic children.  I do not agree with the Teachers comments in this thread.  Most teachers that work with Autisic children have taken courses as a SPECED Teacher and are knowledgeable on how to recognize tell-tale issues with the solutions.  Mediocre is not okay in my book and I am tired of hearing those that have not read the bible books "Overcoming Dyslexia" or "The GFIT".  It goes without saying that if you had a cardiac issue, you wouldn't go to podiatrist.  To the Dyslexic Right Brain mind, the systems are that different.  Suggestion, look for the FREE tutoring by Masonic Temples across the country and PLEASE Educators, educate yourselves because approximately 20% of the chidlren have Dyslexia and a portion of those go undiagnosed.  http://childrensdyslexiacenters.org/about/states/ri.html

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