READ 180 classroom observations

Who is in charge of conducting your READ 180 classroom observations?  Is it the principal, asst. principal, Reading/English Dept. Chair, Literacy Coach, READ 180 consultant, etc.? How many observations do you have during the year?  Are you assigned a READ 180 coach?

By jsim717
Posted on: May 23 2010
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  • chrisSLEMS

    My last observation was with the Scholastic Read 180 trainer Audrey, 2 Cirr. spec from "downtown", the literacy coach from our building, Principal, Asst. Principal, all at once!! Only got feedback, on the sly, from Audrey (she's cool!) and that was that!

    My IT from Scholastic came to our campus at leas bi-weekly.  She was very helpful, complimentary, and showed me how to access a lot of information using different reports on the SAM site.  Sometimes, she helped kids in other zones while I was in Small Group.  It really helped to have her there!

    I had a READ 180 Coach (from Scholastic) who observed me 4 times this year.  Our principal said she would visit but never did.  The school also had an Instructional Coach that was on the premises three -five days a week.  Her "office" was in my room so she observed me continually.  She was not employed by the district either.  Come to think of it, no one from the district ever came in to observe.

    I had the honor of having Superintendent Hite visit my room recently. He saw my door opened and decided to come inside to observe. My kids and I were so excited sharing news about our READ 180 class. Before he left, I printed a copy of my SRI growth report and explained the data. He smiled and said, "Keep up the good work!" This is just one example of how valuable SAM reports can be!!!

    There are two common types of observations: evaluative and non-evaluative. If an administrator needs to conduct observations, because it's your first few years teaching with that district (or it's time for a scheduled review), then it's an evaluative observation. When Scholastic sends a rep. or coach, it's purely informative like peer coaching. You can contact the person who purchased READ 180 for your district to see how many "hours" were purchased with your package. For instance, we purchased enough hours to have two observations from our Scholastic rep. and two half-day trainings this year! Miranda

    I've had 1 evaluative observation by the SPED Supervisor and 1.5 non-evaluative observations by Scholastic. That's it. Debbie


    Back in 2008, the year I had an ALL-Star, I had no observations, I have been in contact via e-mail with the Superintendent's Office about my classes word Challenge. I get e-mails of encouragement from the Supt, Asst. Supt, and Cirr Co-ordinators

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