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I would like to know if anyone has mentioned to Scholastic that we really need access to our SAM records when we are at home. That would mean that we need a way to either log into our district's system, or Scholastic needs to create a way for us to log-in. My conference period is only 45 minutes long and it is usually taken by meetings, parent/teacher conferences, etc. There just is not enough time for me to access the SAM resources beyond the basic reports I use to motivate my students. My school district already has established on-line access for all the files we save when we or at work, in addition to the district's files. It seems as though it would be easy for SAM to be added to that type of internet / intranet log-in. We are already able to access files through the district's intranet.

Posted on: May 07 2010
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  • Wow! No one has ever mentioned the SAM on-line. I am wondering if my school district must do something "extra" to get us "hooked-up." I tried my log-in and password from school, but it did not work. i just received a message to contact our district technician. Thanks again!

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    It would be extremely beneficial to have SAM accessible at home!

    I would also like to be able to access this info from home.  It is difficult to do all of the paperwork in the amount of time that I have during the shool day.  Who accesses it from home?  Does it really work?

    https://sc9-education.scholastic.com/-15/? Try this link to access SAM at home. It works for me.

    We can.  I think it came with the type of site license that was bought.

    Our READ 180 is hosted by Scholastic and we can access SAM at home.  I just thought everyone could.  Our link starts with nj3.  Finding  the right link depends on where your SAM is hosted.  I do most of my reports at home.    I would check with Scholastic tech department to see if you can access from home.  I did not have to download any of the READ 180 components to access SAM from my home computer. Thank Goodness-my family would not be happy with how much space that would take. I can also access ITS through the same link.  No more lugging TE home for me. Good Luck!

    If your SAM is stored on a server at your school, then I believe you would have to have access to your school READ 180 server. If Scholastic hosts your server, then the link might work. All your student's data is stored in SAM wherever your SAM comes from. However, one poster recently said her school gave her access to the school's READ 180 server from home (you also have to have the program loaded on your home computer, or be able to bring your school computer/laptop home). Debbie

    I will be checking this out. It would be an awesome benefit for me.


    If your school's READ 180 is hosted by Scholastic, then you can have access to SAM at home.


    READ 180 teachers asked about having access to SAM on line years ago. We emphasized how beneficial it would be for teachers and even students. Teachers coulc continue reading reports and creating lessons to support students' learning.  If there is a way to get SAM through Scholastic, tell me more please.

    Yes, you can get SAM online... IF your school decides to pay to have Scholastic host the program on their servers (not the school servers), which was about $30 per license, per year, the last time I heard prices.  Otherwise, the Teacher Dashboard is how Scholastic has tried to work with teachers to give us some of the data we need from home.   Have you set up your notifications?  Perhaps there are additional reports that would be helpful to get that could be suggested?   Debbie


    I set up notifications. Dashboard could be all that I need for now.

    Last year we went through the week long workshop and training.  Tommorrow is showtime.  Our classroom is not completely set up for the READ180. We have the computers but we are without a SMART Board.  We have the small white board projector (something similar to overhead projector).  The first three weeks are supposed to be orientation.  How do I get connected to SAM to print out lesson plans for the first three weeks of orientation?  Can I still run the whole group, small group and independent without the SMART board? Thanks for any help.  

    I was told by our district that I can listen to fluency recordings from home by accessing the dashboard.  Is this true?  I tried doing it, but I couldn't seem to find the 'portfolios' where recordings are stored.    

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