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I have kids who are stuck in the spelling zone - how can I help them? Is there a master list of spelling zone words somewhere?

Posted on: April 22 2010
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  • Has your technology dept applied the 1.9 patch for READ 180? There was an issue, but the patch seems to fix the problem. Debbie

    I did print the Spelling Zone report - the majority of the words are listed under Words I Learned to Spell - does that not mean they've mastered them? The student only has 3 words listed under Words I'm Studying This Week. I'm also checking on the 1.9 patch...

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    Click on the individual student in the reports for Read 180. Then choose the Student Spelling Zone Report. It will print out not only new words but words they need to work on. In small group you can have students work on their individualized spelling words for extra practice.

    you may want to try to change the screen background color, I did the alternate color scheme for 2 students with spelling zone trouble ( they also have dyslexia) and they do go through faster than before.  It may help them focus more.

    I have to say that this has been an ongoing problem for some of my students. This is my 3rd year with the program and I find that some students are able to master the reading and word zones but remain 'stuck' in the spelling zone. We try all types of tricks and strategies but the problem persists. The kids have asked me to change levels for spelling zone! but of course we can't do that. But it is really a good point, that for some students spelling is an obstacle to success in the program.

    Remind your students that the need to *look* at the screen before they hit ENTER. It's a basic tip, but one they easily forget. :)

    Interesting-change the color? It's worth a try.


    Look at the Topic Software Resources.  All Spelling Zone words and Word Zone words are taken directly from the passage the student is reading.  That passage combined with the Spelling Zone Report could help them.  They could look at the words alreaded learned and mark those out in the passage.  They can always work on the three words that are their current study words on the Spelling Zone Report. I would like to reiterate that you probably should ask your tech department at your school if they have applied the 1.9.3 patch.  They can get it at http://edproductsupport.scholastic.com/ts/product/read180/prodUpdates/. Dee

    I have a student on level 4 and spelling is a real challenge for him.  I think I will try the color change too.  Such great ideas here!!!

    My students are performing better with the background color change.  Also, the tip about looking at the screen before they hit enter is a good idea!


    The color changes is a great suggestion.  At one time, I viewed the color change as being needed for color-blind students only, but the more I learn about dyslexic students, the more I think it is an important feature to enable for them, too. Dee

    So I changed the color scheme and the kids questioned it.  One student figured it out all by his self:  "I haven't made it to the success zone lately and the computer changed the color to try to get me there."  Who am I to argue with that logic?

    How do you change the background color?

    I am trying this with one of my dyslexic students who has struggled with the spelling and word zones.  To change the color, go to the student's profile page and click on READ 180 Settings.  On the right side there is a box to check to change the color.  Debbie

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