System 44 and Read 180

Can students who are already in Read 180 also work in system 44?

By mrsk
Posted on: April 14 2010
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  • Thank you...I would love to hear how you implement the system 44. You are very lucky that your district bought you the System 44. It is very expensive. Did you get all of the 20 licenses? Also, did you ask for the system 44 or did your administrator order it for you. I am an elementary special ed teacher. I run the Read 180 for the special ed students in my school and love it. Joy

    yes they can. I just recieved the boxes for System 44 for my Read 180 room to help those students struggling to make progress in read 180. any student with a lexile under 600 is to be tested with the SPI to determine if they need the phonemic awareness remediation from system 44

    How does that work? Do they still use the R book and the instructional software from Read 180. How is the System 44 implemented in the program? I have several students that are doing well with the Read 180, but who have lexiles under 600 and would benefit from the phonics of System 44. Would I order the whole System 44 or is there a seperate package for remediation. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Joy

    I am very excited to hear about how your students do with the System 44. Are you going to have them work in System 44 and Read 180 ? I am hoping that if we do get the System 44 that the students can work in both. Joy

    I have about 10 boxes to unpack and a whole lot of reading to do this weekend to see how to integrate the 2 systems together.  looking through some of the stuff today, I saw bags of letter/blends; it reminds me a bit of wilson.  there were workbooks as well as separate books and audiobooks.  I also know there is separate software. Hopefully,  I will understand more from my anticipated crash course this weekend


    Here are a couple ways to implement System 44 within the READ 180 classroom.  1.  Have the System 44 students do the same Whole Group out of the rBook, but use the System 44 Teacher Guide for their lessons in Small Group.  When System 44 students use the computers, they use System 44 while the READ 180 students use READ 180.  System 44 students read System 44 Library books in the Modeled and Indepedent Reading. 2.  Use the rBook for System 44 students in both Whole Group and Small Group but differentiate for them on an individual basis as the lessons permit.  When System 44 students use the computers, they use System 44 while the READ 180 students use READ 180.  System 44 students read System 44 Library books in the Modeled and Indepedent Reading.  This way is not too different from the first way except that System 44 students sometimes use the rBook in Small Group and sometimes have a differentiated lessons using the System 44 Teacher Guide. If there happen to be more than one teacher in the classroom, then there are a few more possible scenarios. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community


    We just got the System44 and are piloting it with a few students this year. We haven't had our training yet, so we're just having students do the computer portion. I've been using some of the practice sheets from the 44Book with all of the READ180 students who are still in the within-word stage in spelling. We hope to implement a whole class of System 44 next year for both the 7th and 8th graders who need it. I imagine we'll still use System 44 within the READ180 classrooms by having the more struggling readers use System 44 during their computer time. We've had the computers in the DH and behavior program loaded so kids can do their System 44 in there, too. The district is actually looking into buying more licenses for both the 180 and 44 programs.

    I had brought up to my administrator that 72% of students were making significant progress through read 180 (as per SRI scores as well as in-class work) we were concerned about the other students making very little or no progress. I started the year with many lexiles of BR - even zero. Admin decided it was worth the investment (thank you Obama stimulus funds) to have another intervention for the struggling students. I am waiting patiently for the software to be installed so I can give the SPI to get started.

    Thank you!

    Work please

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