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I received a message in SAM that said I could access the Read 180 Interactive Teaching System and Digital Training Zone. I tried to log in using my SAM log in and password. However, I am unable to gain access. Is there something going on with the Zone or is there a different log in I should be using? Please help! I really want to try this out as it sounds exciting! Thanks!

By amzahn
Posted on: April 03 2010
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  • Did your technology dept set you up in SAM Connect? (I'm not sure if the message you got was b/c they had set you up, or because you are eligible if they do set you up.) If it were me, I'd probabl;y cass READ 180 Technology Support. They have been awesome (although a bit lengthy, so be sure you have time to spend on the phone and near your READ 180/SAM computer). Good Luch. ITS is awesome! Debbie


    Hi Amzahn - I checked into your school, and you are a hosted site, which gives you access to the ITS and the DTZ (since your SAM server is hosted, you do not need to worry about SAM Connect). When you try to access either the ITS or the DTZ, what type of message are you getting? You might have the wrong URL - try http://www.scholastic.com/educationservices By click on DTZ or ITS, you will be brought to the correct URL for each product. Your SAM Username and Password should work. thanks Suzanne

    Are you using the correct zip code so you can identify your school or district?  Capitals and symbols exactly as you use at school?

    Since your district is hosted by Scholastic, I'd recommend calling READ 180 tech support.  Hopefully they can clear it up.  (Do you need the number?) Good luck. Debbie


    You should be able to login to ITS from school or from home using your SAM login and password.  You must be certain that you are using your school's zipcode and selecting your school name.  Also, your Tech Department needs to set up SAMConnect.  Your distirct also needs to have the Premium Support Agreement in order for this to be active for you. If you meet all the requirements above, then give Tech Support a call at 1-800-283-5974. Dee


    I am using the log in that I use for SAM. I just tested that and it works there (I recently changed my CPS password).


    When I tried to access ITS, it says that my username and password are incorrect. It asks for my SAM log-in and that is what I type. I don't get it.


    Yes, and it comes up as Chicago Public Schools Dist. 299 all on its own.


    I will try again!


    Do I need to be at the school? If that were the case, ITS would not be very beneficial. I thought, it was something I could access anywhere.


    And, it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be. All I have to do is go into SAM, click the Resource tab, click my program, and the ITS tab shows up. Then, I can access everything. It is awesome!!! Eric from Customer Service was amazing. Thanks!

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