how often for SRI testing

How often can I administer the SRI? I have students with special needs and the TOR's need lexile progress every 3 weeks.

Posted on: February 06 2010
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  • Scholastic recommends retesting 3 to 5 times a year (beginning, middle, end or beginning and end of each MP). Perhaps showing progress in the software would work instead? The Student Segment Status Report and Grading Report (among others) would give you some feedback.


    I agree with the response.  Testing the SRI any more often than that will not give results that can be relied upon because of the way the SRI is designed and because Lexiles should be used to monitor progress as frequently as every three weeks.   I also suggest that you use the progress monitoring that is built-in to the software.   

    The SRI administration in our county is scheduled four times per year: Sept., Dec., March, and June. Students who enroll in the class after the administration dates are tested, and their next administration is delayed a few months in order to have sufficient time to measure growth.


    I would love to give the SRI at the end of each quarter. There are two reasons for this. One, I think that we could track growth better with more than three scores. The second reason is that my kids ask to do it! Yes, once they saw their scores raise the second time, they are itching to see it again!

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