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When a student earns a passing score on their Reading Counts Quizzes, a motivational screen/certificate is shown with their scores. Currently, there is no way to print this "certificate." Could that feature be added to the next READ 180 update? Students love these "cool" certificates and to have a copy to post in the room, or send home to parents would be awesome! I know I can print READ 180 certificates from SAM, but they are not very attractive or easy to read. The student's name and reason for the certificate are small and visually get lost. Another reason I love the Reading Counts certificates is that I can see from across the room when a student has passed their reading quiz and can offer an immediate cheer/thumbs-up congratulations. Debbie

Posted on: January 08 2010
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  • that would be a great feature.  As of right now, I made up a blank award ribbon that I copied onto bright colored card stock, when the student passes a quiz, they write their name, title of book and score on it, then it gets posted in the classroom.  They get to take their award ribbons home at the end of the marking period.  Some students start to compete over how many ribbons they get; which I love because that is books read!  


    I use a Web based certificate printer and post the certificates outside my door, for all to see. I give a copy to the student to bring home and keep track of who gets how many for the year end awards ceremony. My students do ask for a copy of the score page after their quiz but even a screen print won't copy it.

    Hi. There is a Certificate Tool maker on the READ 180 Community site. >Go to support in the top navigation >Click on the Certificate Tool Module.  Enter student information >Click Submit and then print.  Or just cut and paste this link: http://educatorcommunity.scholastic.com/service/openCustomPage.kickAction?as=104512&myParam=certificateTool&bodyClass=support%20supportTool&title=Certificate%20Tool I realize it's not as immediate as printing the Certificate that appears on the screen, but still could prove useful. Please let me know if this helps or if you'd like modifications to the Certificate Tool on this site. All best. John

    thanks, end of the second marking period is quickly approaching and this would be a great way to celebrate success with number of books read or segments in software completed, perfect timing!! 

    Thanks for the suggestion, John. I checked the link you included, but they are the same as we can print from SAM, and mentioned in my first post. My students really love the "cool" certificates featuring skateboarders, snowboarders, spaceships, etc. that pop up when they pass a Reading Counts Quiz. It would really be awesome if a future READ 180 upgrade could allow students to print out their RC Quiz certificate whenever they earn one. Debbie

    Debbie. Thanks for the feedback.  I'm the Community Web site development point person, and not able to put this in motion, but I'll certainly pass it along to the SAM software development team and let them know a print certificate option would be useful to teachers.  In the meantime, I'll start looking into the feasibility of beefing up the certificate maker on the Web site to include a couple different looks. Many thanks. John  

    That would be great! Perhaps something different for each purpose: R180 Software (I reward students for each Success Zone they pass), Reading Counts Quizzes, Lexile improvement, etc. Similar certificates with a choice of unique and kid friendly graphics (the larger the better), perhaps similar to Scholastic's Class Homepage where teachers can choose a graphic to display, and even upload their own graphics. Also, larger print for the name and certificate purpose would be helpful. I hope I'm not asking for too much :0). Debbie


    Without the software option to print the splash screen when students pass a quiz, has anyone tried a print screen for this?  I would be curious if that would work.

    Hi Dee! Yes, ChrisSLEMS tried "Print Screen" but, unfortunately, says it does not work. The kids really like those funky certificates. Debbie

    Thank you, John!!  I just saw the new certificate templates.  Exactly what I had been looking for.  Debbie

    Hi. As requested, we've added the SRC! quiz certificates that pop-up in Sam to the Community Web site. There's a dozen templates to choose from.  Please let me know if you have any questions! http://educatorcommunity.scholastic.com/service/openCustomPage.kickAction?as=104512&myParam=certificateToolSrc&bodyClass=support%20supportTool&title=Certificate%20Tool_SRC Thanks. john

    I like this new feature.  I will pass the info along to the rest of the READ 180 teachers in my district.  

    the new certificates look great!! Hope the school's color ink cartridge is full, its about to get a work out!! 


    Thanks, John, they are already signed and on there way! My students love them!

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