Success with Dyslexic Students?

This is my first year of read 180 and I teach all special education students.  I have one student who is dyslexic.  Has anyone had success with helping students with this disability improve in their reading skills?  Currently this student has scored a zero on two SRI tests and struggles with the computer software on level one.  I use a variety of DI to help this student be successful in whole/small group and the reading station.

Just wondering if any particular strategy has been helpful for anyone else.

Thanks - 

Posted on: December 16 2009
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  • AskDee

    In addition to changing the color scheme, you could print the Spelling Zone Report and the Word Zone Report for this student every few days.  That way the student could concentrate on his particular study words at that time. 


    Something else to think about trying is altering the color scheme.  Sometimes changing the colors helps dyslexic students.  This can be done in SAM READ 180 Settings. Also, I agree with Debbie that this student may need more basic work than READ 180.  If you do not have access to System 44, think about using the phonics and phonemic awareness lessons you find in your RDI books.

    Many of our high schoolers get slowed down by the spelling zone-- we have them keep their own booklets next to them to write down their problem words-- can go as elaborate as making their own "problem word dictionaries"-- then refer to them when they go through the zone.  If we let them linger too long on their spelling woes, they lose interest in the whole program, because they never get through a segment.

    Does your school have System 44? S/he might need help in phonics, which is what System 44 does. Your RDI books also have some phonics support materials, if needed. I have had some students score BR on the SRI who have shown that they know the phonics rules, but just need more support in reading comprehension. Is s/he using the read by "Word" or "Phrase" buttons when reading the passages so that "Jackie" reads to him/her? Is the students reading the passage enough times with assistance fro Jackie? You can check the student's passage reads on the Student Segment Status Report. Also, you could try giving him/her a copy of the segment passage from your Topic Software Resources book (mine is blue and about 1/2" thick), so s/he has it to refer back to when answering the comprehension and vocabulary questions. Debbie

    I only have Read 180.  The student does fairly well with the reading zone, his problem is with the word and spelling zone.

    Thats a good idea.  I print them out and try to incorporate as much as possible; and his speech teacher uses them in her instruction as well.  The problem I have is that all the students in the class are in different segments and finish at different speeds.  I will just give the list as extra practice for the students struggling, this will be an added support but I will make sure that it doesn't seem like extra work or punishment.   thanks for the idea! - ashley

    This student who has struggled all year is showing some success (I did change the background color for the software) and has finally scored a number other than a zero on the SRI - he scored a 371.  I practically jumped for joy when I saw his results.  He was able to show such improvement because the Read 180 program focuses on success and not failure.  he loves the audio books and is showing improvement in reading paperbacks as well.

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