What's Your READ 180 Motto?

What's Your READ 180 Motto?

Posted on: October 21 2009
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    Students have 12 required years of school. There are at least 4 years of college. Start work at 22...retire at 65 (43years) If you don't go to college and start working at 18... retire at 65 (47years) All jobs today require reading skills. 12+4+43=59 years of reading 12+47=59 years of reading That is a lot of reading and it could be a lot of work...SO "WORK EASIER NOT HARDER...IMPROVE YOUR READING SKILLS WITH READ180"

    Changing the World..... One Student At A Time!

    Small victories are still victories none the less! 

    My READ 180 motto is "Believe it and You Can Achieve it. The Sky is the Limit!"


    Small Successes now lead to Big Successes in your future!

    I have a few-the first is my favorite. There is no short cut to success, FOCUS on your propgress and leave his to him or hers to hers, Hard work will never hurt you it will only make you stronger.

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    My Read 180 Students are called Allstars! They are reaching for the stars!


    Yes we can! (thank you, President Obama!)

    Keep it Real, Keep it Read!

    No Guessing!!!

    Learning for all; whatever it takes!

    Unlock Life's Treasure's Keys to Success Rewards of the Heart Work=Success Students use "keys" to earn concrete rewards from a literal treasure box but we also stress non-material treasures and use post-its and stickers etc. Quantum Learning is amazing for teaching life skills.

    Get your JAG on.....READ!

    "Be great in act, as you have been in thought." William Shakespeare


    "We're WILD about reading." and our classroom is is furnished with monkeys and wild animal prints. The students' number one goal this year is to find some sort of book, whether it is author or genre that they can be wild about and love to read!

    Love the motto's everyone, keep them coming!    


    Since my last name is Abel......My motto is "If I am Abel, Your Able too! I am having a shirt made of this motto.


    "Always give it your 180% "


    "Superheros can leap a tall building in a single book!" Every single student is a superhero and they succeed one leap at a time.

    We are wild about reading!


    "Improvement, Achievement, and Success"


    Dare to Be Different: Read to Know

    Read Today, Change Tomorrow...


    My students do an opening tradition. It goes like this.... " Today is a great day, I choose to read and Will succeed." This is how we start off the class.    

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