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System 44 is new to our school this year. We have a visit scheduled from Scholastic, but that's not for another month. In the meantime, we have some confusing results that I'm hoping someone can help with. Out of a class of 7 developmentally disabled students, 4 were recommended by the SPI for READ 180 and 3 were recommended fo System 44. One, "Katie," was placed into Series 4, the other 2, "Ben and Mark", were started at Series 1. However, as the teacher works with the students, Katie is struggling and needs help with her Series 4 computer work and appears lost in small group. Ben and Mark are finding the Series 1 work far too easy on the computer and in small group. Any thoughts or insights would be welcome. Thank you.

Posted on: October 08 2009
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  • AskDee

    For Katie, I would do some of the assessments in lessons for the Series 1, 2, and 3 portions of the software.  It could be that she has an understanding of those concepts.  If she does, I would allow her to remain in Series 4.  If she does not know those concepts, I would see if I could change her placement in SAM.  If you cannot change her placement at this point and although I hate to do this, you could delete her current record and re-enter her name.  Before you delete, I would make a note of her SRI score.  In the new record, you could re-enter her SRI score in SAM in the SRI Grading Tools so she does not have to take the SRI again.  You could then manually place her in System 44 at Series 1. The two boys who are findng Series 1 too easy may have some "holes" in their development in those first four series.  I would leave them in their placement.  You could adjust the small group lessons to better fit their needs.  You could do the assessments in the lessons and if they understand the concepts, you could teach them some S.M.A.R.T lessons or do other activities.  They may be whizzing right through the software now, but they may have some places where they have weaknesses that the SPI found.

    thank you both so much for the information. SPI sounds like another important piece of data I could have for my students, but I don't know how many would need system 44. It ends up being a chicken/egg thing: I don't know how many students would need system 44, but I need system 44 to test the SPI. I will have to discuss with the powers that be at my school - thanks

    I only have read 180 material but am interested in system 44 as a possibility for the students who are struggling in level 1 of read 180.  Is the scholastic phonics inventory a testing component  ,like SRI, that comes with system 44; or is it something you purchase separately?

    The SPI (Scholastic Phonics Inventory) is given to students who score 400 or lower on the SRI. The purpose is to determine whether the students may have deficiencies in their phonics knowledge, or if they have mastered phonics, but have problems with comprehension. After taking the SRI and SPI, students are recommended for either System 44 or READ 180. Yes, the SPI is part of System 44, and (as far as I am aware) not available separately. Once students start working in System 44, the teacher supports the computer program with reviewing the same phonics skill during small group. The texts that are provided with the program are leveled according to their phonics skill and match up with what the student is learning on the computer, unlike READ 180. Debbie


    Debbie is correct.  The SPI (Scholastic Phonics Inventory) is only sold with System 44 at this time.  It tests phoics, letter recognition, and sight words and takes about ten minutes for students to complete the test. 

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