I'm new to Read 180, just started last week with my students. They are taking the SRI test. One of my students scored a BR (33). Can someone tell me what this is/means, and what I do with this info?

Posted on: September 29 2009
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  • AskDee

    If you do decide that a re-test is in order, be sure to delete the "bad" test BEFORE you re-test the student.


    The SRI should be implemented 3 times per year - once in the beginning, once mid-year, once at the end of year. I have asked the product manager how soon the test can be retaken. Is there a reason you want them to retake right away? THANKS!


    Accroding to the product mananger - 30 days is the default and highly recomended setting for a student to retake the SRI. Thanks


    If you change the time between retests and test sooner than 30 days, the computer algorithm is set up to adjust the Lexile accordingly.  In other words, the computer thinks it the student's score already.  You won't see a Lexile score then that is very different from the test just given.  If you delete the "bad" test first, then the time between tests is not a factor.  I do not recommend retests unless there was an unusual circumstance.  For instance, if you have a student take the test while running a fever or if you know for certain that the student just hit keys and did not really take the test, those would be times to retest.  Never retest just because a student scored a low score.

    How soon after the student takes the SRI can he/she retake the test?


    As Deb said, BR stands for Beginning Reader. If you do not have the Scholastic Phonics Inventory or System 44, make sure this student is placed in level 1 of the READ 180 Software. You also might want to spend some time in small group with this student one-on-one if you can to help work through some of the skills they need the most help in. Good Luck!

    BR means "beginner reader." There are several possible scenarios. Which one will depend on your student's unique situation. He/she could have very poor phonics skills, and if so, may benefit from System 44, another READ180 Program. He/she could have good phonics skills, but poor comprehension. In that case, READ 180 can help. Or, he/she could have not put a lot of effort into the SRI and failed for that reason. A second SRI test may show a truer SRI. I have had all three of the above possibilities occur. Is the student a special education student? If so, perhaps you can get some insight from his/her IEP. Was the student in your school/district LY? Is there someone you could ask for more information? Does you school have System 44? I hope I have helped. Debbie

    Hi Dee, Why delete before the retest? I know to delete the old test after the retest, but had never thought of deleting before the retest. Debbie


    I just had another thought about the SRI that I thought I would share.  The SRI should inform instruction.  The goal of the SRI is not to get high scores.  We want the scores on the SRI to be as accurate as possible so we will know where students should be placed in READ 180, so we will know how to match the students with text, so we will have data to help us structure the instruction for our students.  When a student scores a BR, we need to remember that the student needs special help.  Giving such a student the SPI to determine if the student should be in System 44 would be one response to that score.  If System 44 is not available, then the BR student would need to have extra phonics and phonemic awareness support within the small group rotation.

    Unfortunately, students do not always do their best on tests. With my 9th grade special education students, I have found that I always have one or two of my approx. 40 students who purposely fail. Sometimes because they don't care, somethimes because they think they will be put in "easy" classes, and sometimes because they didn't listen to the directions and didn't realize how important this assessment is. For example, last year, I had a student score a 42L. It took him 5 minutes, max. I had explained the importance and showed students how the test worked. It didn't matter. At that time, I was unable to change the re-test 30-day limit in SAM, so he was stuck. He did retest at the end of the marking period - and this time his Lexile was 929! He later told me he blew off the 1st SRI because he wanted to stay in the easy classes (Later he learned that it wasn't so "easy"). By the end of the year, his Lexile was 1269, advanced proficient for 9th grade. Because I didn't/couldn't re-test, he lost one marking period of appropriately leveled reading instruction. Since then, if I suspect a student may have similarily blown off the SRI, I allow them one re-test after I talk to them and re-explain how serious this is. In my experience, some students try to "work the system." Middle and high school students are more likely to try this. However, you want to be as sure as possible that it is wrong before you suggest a re-test. Debbie

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