Level C rBook Error?

Has anyone noticed that the writing prompt in Level C, rBook Workshop 4: When Music Offends, p97 and 98, repeats what students already did on p89?  I believe this is an error, and I changed the writing prompt on pages 97 and 98 to "Write a paragraph that summarizes the article, "Rockers, Rappers, and Freedom of Speech."

Posted on: September 27 2009
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  • Thank you, Suzanne. That explanation has definitely helped to clear up why the writing prompt is what it is. I will look at it again with "new" eyes and go from there. Debbie


    Hey there! So I went around to our editors to find out why we ask the students to summarize the second reading instead of the third. Their first response was what I had originally thought - in Reading 2, the student has been asked to jot down some ideas, where the writing is asking for a complete paragraph. They student is actually learning two different skills - Summarization the comprehension skill vs Summarization the writing skill. Ultimately, the rBook instruction is scaffolding the summarization skill from the comprehension skill to the writing skill. I also was told that they would have chosen the student to write about Reading 2 in summarization if they felt that Reading 3 was hard to summarize, then they would have chosen Reading 2 for the writing piece. I hope this makes you feel better as to the "why" this happened. AS always, the rBook is a guide and not the end all, so if you feel that you prefered your students do the writing on reading 3 - that is wonderful. But, I wanted you to know that the editors had a clear reason as to why they chose to do that. Have a great day and sorry for the delayed response!

    I have also noticed a few errors in the Read180 materials.  The first is found in Stage C EE's teacher's book.  In the graphic organizer on page 11, it says in the lower left box "His big break came in 2001, when he won seven Latin Grammys"...but the article on page 10 paragraph 4 says "That year, he won three Latin Grammys".  While the error is only seen by teachers, it is important for them not to go strictly by the answer key.  Also, while listening to the audio books, I have noticed the reading coach misspeaking and giving contrary information in two different books.  Since I've listened to so many, I cannot remember specifically which books and where those mistakes are, but I do remember both were fairly obvious (mixing up characters, etc).

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