Vision Impaired

I have a vision impaired student in my class.  The spped/timed challenges in software are giving him fits.  His eyes can't focus fast enough for him to find the words on the computer screen. 

What are the options to assist him?  I wish I could slow the program down on that portion. 

Posted on: October 23 2013
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  • AskDee

    There is no way to slow the program down, but there are some things you can do to help the student. For the Word Zone, I suggest to students that they read every word in the list before responding.  The program works on consistency of time of response, not on speed of response.  In other words, if the student spots the word at the top of the list, the student should read all the words in the list of words before responding. For the Spelling Zone, I suggest that you give the student the current study words after each day on the software.  You can find them in the Student Spelling Zone Report. Sometimes it helps some students to see the Student Spelling Zone Report and/or Student Word Zone Report once or twice a week, along with a printout of the current passage the student is reading.  Every word in the passage is a possible spelling word.  Every word in the passage must be mastered in the Word Zone.  Having a printed copy of the passage, especially if you can increase its size using a copy machine, may help your student become more familiar with individual words.  You could give the student some word study games to do, such as circling the study words or marking out the words that have already been mastered. Some other teachers may have ideas for you as well.  You might want to repost your question on the Stage A, B, or C Message Board to see if other teachers have ideas as well. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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