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Hi, I am teaching a combined program of Read 180 and System 44 to self contained special ed children. I have 4 children in Read 180 and 6 in System 44.  This is the first year working with the 4th. graders.  I used to teach only 5th and 6th. and did half of the R Book in 5th. and the other half in 6th.  I tried working out of the R Book with my 4th. graders but they are much too low ability wise to be able to do the work in the R Book.  I tried using the RD1 Book for differentiation, but that too was much too hard.  The 6 students in System 44 did not get a lexile on the SRI and the others are very low.  I don't think that System 44 has nonfiction reading as well as any writing that is required with the common core standards.  We don't have the money to upgrade to The Next Generation(44). 

Can anyone give me any suggestions what I should do?  There are ten students, but none of them can work independently.  They need someone with them when they are in instructional software too.  I need help setting up rotations.  There are two teachers in the room, one teaching assistant and one aide.  There are a lot of behavior problems which interfere with students being able to work independently.


By mrsk
Posted on: October 01 2013
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  • Thank you.  Our district doesn't have to money to upgrade at this time. Joy

    It sounds like your school did not upgrade to the Next Generation System 44.  With the upgrade, they can choose either a combined R180 and SY44 or a stand-alone SY44.  The stand-alone upgrade sounds like what you need.  The software is more student friendly with their dashboard that lets them know how they are doing and it comes with a 44 Book (an rBook for System 44) with shorter readings that are more manageable for System 44 students.   You can find more information here: http://system44.scholastic.com/shop If they did upgrade, but upgraded to the combined program, see if they will order the class materials for the stand-alone. Debbie


    Quite a bit of your organization depends upon how much time you have for your class.  If you have 90 minutes, I'd run a mixed classroom with one small group for READ 180 and two small groups for System 44.  All students would do the rBook work in Whole Group with extra support.  I'd assign two System 44 students to a helping adult to keep them on task and make certain that I give lots of support for non-reading students. System 44 is full of non-fiction text.  In fact, most of the texts are non-fiction.  You are correct that there is not much writing for System 44, but you can add writing assignments.  The only thing is that reading and writing are so intertwined that your System 44 students are going to have trouble with writing.  I'd concentrate on teaching the System 44 students to read.  The sooner they increase their reading levels, the sooner their writing skills will start to improve. If you want to email me separately about this, I'll be gald to have a continuing conversation with you about this.  My email is askdee@sbcglobal.net.  You can also email me from the Support page here in the Community.  I can send or direct you to some helps for System 44. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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