What I like Most About Upgrading to READ 180 Universal
  • October 29, 2018
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Since READ 180 Universal's released in 2016, we've been flooded with messages and comments from teachers about how much they love the new version of the program---from the student app to the teacher supports---find out they like most!

Program Overall

  • "READ 180 Universal moves into the 21st century with enriching student-appropriate content to access all potential deficit areas of literacy. It encourages students to acquire a growth mindset and pushes them forward with gentle guidance. My students think READ 180 Universal rocks, for real!"
  • "...Seeing more success with Universal than any other program. I remind them to simply ask for help or clarification when needed and students are overall doing well."

Student App/Software Rotation

  • "My students are excited to get onto the Student App; they really enjoy the topics that are chosen and feel as though they are making progress."
  • "I like the changes made in the student software. The application is updated and I love the way the vocabulary is supported."
  • "I enjoy the platform for the students where they can review their graded writing assignments and their fluency recordings."
  • "I love the new format, the level of difficulty of each task, the data reports and how the activities in Reading Zone and Language Zone assessments look very much like the SOL."
  • "My students' favorite part of the new READ 180 Universal experience is the new student software since it has high interest stories for students."


Small- & Whole- Group Rotations

  • "One thing I like about Universal is the students ReaL Books. They are much more student-friendly and incorporate text structures as well as language development activities more effectively than previous versions. Additionally, the student application activities are more closely aligned and formatted like SOL questions."
  • "My students are really interested in the content. They honestly explore topics before selecting a new one. I find the selections interesting and age-appropriate."
  •  "The great content in the ReaL Book---my students LOVE that there is only one book as opposed to the L and R books."
  • "The lessons that are taught are much more relevant and up-to-date regarding what is going on in the outside world."

Independent Reading Rotation

  • "I like the extended focus on reading selections. Next Generation and Enterprise only offered three reading selections per workshop. With the additional passages in Universal, we can really dive into the themes of each workshop and develop them over time."
  • "The ease of access online---the audio books are on the computer (no more CDs!), students love the ability to read their books online, I can respond to their writing and send it back to them, videos are online."

Teacher Support

  • "Wow! How did I ever teach without Teacher Central? Having lesson plans online are great to use. The assignment grading is easier to use to grade the recordings and writing portions. Having Quickwrites online is much easier to grade."
  • "The platform and reports are easier to navigate as a teacher."
  • tvickers

    Reading this is very encouraging as I prepare to make the switch from NG to Universal! Thank you...