Stage B
Give Aways for the First Week!

It is crucial to start the new school year strong. This includes setting a strong classroom management tone on the first day of class that will affect the progress of your students' learning and your instruction for the year. I am all for icebreakers and "getting to know you" activities, but I have learned from experience that it is critical to let your students and their parents know what the classroom expectations and rules are for your class from day one.

We are aware that local politics, helicopter parents, an unsupportive administrator and other factors can sometimes interfere with our classroom management plans. However, we can at least start the year strong by sharing policies and resources that will foster a positive learning environment for all learners in our classes.

Here are some documents I use with my classes during the first few days of class.  I share these with the students, their parents, the TA's (Teacher Assistants), guidance counselors, and administrators.

  • Student Information Sheet
  • Course Outline (NG Stage B). I will create a course outline for Universal Stage B in the fall.
  • Classroom Policy and Expectations
  • Mission Statement
  • Supplies List
  • Letter to Parents
  • Letter to Students
  • Students' Letter to Me
  • Graphic Organizer for Students Letter to Me
  • HW General Rubric

These resources are all available for the taking. Just log onto the Community Website and click the Resources Tab. Then, search "resources" according to the title of the document.  Not a member of the Educator Community? No worries! Just sign up by following this link

If you are also interested in Ice Breakers, and I think you should, you can read my previous blog about this. 

Feel free to use and edit these resources to suit your needs.

I will be back soon with tips for Open House!




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