Stage C
Student Resource Folders for READ 180 and Beyond

Do your students have a class folder or binder? Is there key information you would like students to have at their fingertips?  If so, check out this Student Resource Folder.

For the past several years, I have created custom folders for my students for their reference. By mid-year, students' folders are their go-to resource. When a transition or signal word is needed, folders are right there! Sentence work?  Yep. Writing Zone? Yes! Using textual evidence? Absolutely!

The folders are easy to create:

  • 1 poly folder with brackets and pockets (my preference), or binder for each student.
  • 1 Writing and 1 Vocabulary/Student Resource Card per student
  • I always make 3-4 extra folders for any new students added throughout the year.

Resource Cards: 

  • For the Resource Cards, I print them on my home printer (no access to color at school) using 28lb paper.
  • You could also print on card stock, or have them printed at Staples ($$)
  • I have thought about laminating the Resource Cards, but last year I did not have any problems with the 28lb paper. Amazingly, all but one student respected the folders (I tell students it costs $5 to replace if destroyed or lost).
  • In earlier versions, I used blank full page labels, but this version is the easiest and simplest to create.

Each Resource Card includes the following:


  1. Show Your Writing Assets: A single-paragraph roadmap
  2. Transition / Signal Words
  3. Show Me the Evidence
  4. Citing Sources to Avoid Plagiarism


  1. Types of Sentences
  2. Correcting Fragments
  3. Correcting Run-ons
  4. Compound Sentences' FANBOYS
  5. ICE Writing Strategy
  6. Subordinating Conjunctions


  1. Essential Academic Vocabulary
  2. Character Feelings & Traits
  3. Figurative Language
  4. Commonly Confused Homophones
  5. Defined: Cite vs. Citation


  1. Student Logins and Passwords List*
  2. Lexile Progress Chart*
  3. Pick the Right Book Target Lexiles*

*editable versions of these 3 components are also included so you can customize the Student Resource Card to your needs.

Download for your class use.

All the Resource Cards above are available in the Community Resource Library and include pdf and editable Word versions of each Resource Card.

Did I miss anything you think should be included? I am always looking for ways to tweak or improve my student folders and would love to hear your suggestions.

Have a wonderful READ 180 school year!


Stage C READ 180 Educator

Debbie is a READ 180 Stage C teacher based in New Jersey. 

  • I think this is a great idea! I would love to use/adapt this to my classroom. The link is not allowing me to download the resources, please assist. Thank you for your time and creativity.

    Thanks, Lisa!

    you are the best deb!

    Agree with u