Stage C
A Workshop Bulletin Board for All Year

Are you looking for bulletin board ideas to use in your classroom?  Check out this design that will be relevant all year! Use the same "bones" all year, and just add the title, rBook  or ReaL Book Intro page, workshop components, and standards. Ready to begin your next workshop? It is easy and quick to update the display.


  • Sample bulletin board texts: Stage A, Stage B, or Stage C samples and/or 44Book Samples. Tailor to meet your class' needs. 
  • rBook or ReaL Book Workshop introduction page (from student version)
  • Bulletin board letters, such as Trend Enterprise's Ready Letters. I used 3" for each word's initial letter and 2" for the rest.
  • 2-sided tape to attach page protectors to the BB Paper (i.e. Scotch)  
  • Bulletin board paper or fabric and trimmer to leave up all year.

  • *Optional* Cardstock to match or coordinate with your bulletin board background paper and border.

I'm sure you could create this design without the page protectors, and save money. However, I chose to use them because it is neater than stapling and I can store the pieces behind the cardstock for both past and future workshops, making it easier to switch topics. In fact, I was able to leave the entire BB up over the summer (covered with newspaper), so when I return, all I have to do is insert my Workshop 1 pages and it is ready for BTS.



Because I need to display two different rBook Workshops on one bulletin board (I teach two levels of READ 180), I cannot fit the workshop vocabulary words on the bulletin board. Instead, I post our vocabulary words above the bulletin board, as shown ABOVE.  

However, if you have a large enough bulletin board, you could display the vocabulary words on the bulletin board, see the last image - my inspiration!

I mentioned that I teach two levels of READ 180.  Here is the full bulletin board set-up for both of my courses.

My Inspiration. Thank You, Shelley Kernan-Sinner!

This bulletin board design was adapted from  Shelley Kernan-Sinner's Pinterest post. 

Stage C READ 180 Educator

Debbie is a READ 180 Stage C teacher based in New Jersey. 

  • Thank you for this post. For 2 years I have been a "travelling R180 teacher," which was quite a chore. Now that I have ONE classroom, I built this bulletin board. I had always had the "word list," which I divided into Tier 2 and Tier 3 words, which is now incorporated into the bulletin board, which is one the right side of my whiteboard, and visible even with the video screen down. It looks great, too!


    Love this idea!!! Clearly presented with easy-to-follow steps!