Stage B
What Will Your "180" Story Be?

"What Will Your READ 180 Story Be?" is a significant question posed to students in the Getting Started Workshop in the READ 180 Universal ReaL Book. For teachers who implement the MATH 180 and System 44 programs, the question can be "What Will Your 180 Story Be?"

Using a Backwards Design approach with teaching my struggling learners, I decided to focus a good part of the first weeks of instruction with guiding my students into thinking where they would like to see themselves as learners and part of the whole school experience in the middle of the year, end of the year, and in years from now.

Tips for getting kids to think about their "180" experience:

1)      Teach Mindset Lessons that demonstrate to both the students and their caregivers that the brain can grow stronger and smarter when applying effort and perseverance with challenging tasks and activities.

2)      Show READ 180 Success Videos from former READ 180, System 44, and MATH 180 students.

(Jorvorskie Lane, READ 180)

(Karen Silva, System 44)


3)      Review the testimonials and summaries of this past year's 180 student winners.

After sufficient discussion has been given with the above tips, ask students to begin to create a "first" draft of their "180" story.

First Draft

1)      Complete page 11 in the Stage B ReaL Book: "What is your story?"

2)      Complete the first assignment about their "180" story in a working document in Google Docs (Classroom) or in any other Word Document that your classroom uses.

Here is a copy of my Google Doc (converted to Microsoft Word) that asks students to draft eight goals and a strategy for meeting three of the goals.

I look forward to helping my students achieve their goals and plans for the current school year as well as for their future. It's wonderful teaching the kids that their progress lies within their control and Mindset. 

Also when the time comes for nominating your students for a "180" award, you will have an active running record and story of your students' experiences and goals for your class and in school.

System 44 Educator