Success In Their Own Words

If you have hours upon hours, I can tell you some amazing stories about the incredible progress that my students have made in READ 180. In fact, I have some specific students and circumstances so ingrained in my memory I do not believe I will ever forget the student, their story, their struggle, their journey, their triumph, nor our parting. However, as we are finishing up our year, I have my students sit down to reflect in their own words about how things have changed for them since they have been in READ 180.

We start with watching some of the great testimonial videos, by former students, that you can find on the READ 180 Community or on the Scholastic Youtube Channel under the READ 180 playlist. Then, we have a classroom conversation where students who are comfortable can share about their struggles and feelings about when reading was very difficult for them. After student share their struggles, next comes the part when you may need to grab some tissues or bite your lip to hold it together. The whole mood in the room will change as the first student transitions from talking about their struggles to talking about their successes.

When everyone who wants to share has had their chance, we move to writing the success stories. Having a middle school class means that there is a variety of maturity in class. Some students can articulate clearly their past and their present, while some students give very generic recollections. You may want to have some sentences starters or frames to support the students who still need that. Consider recording some of your students either reading or telling their success stories and giving a word of encouragement that you can show to your new students at the beginning of next year. There is something very powerful about hearing a student describe their success with READ 180, in their own words!

Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher