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Using the Display Tool

Want to increase the focus of your students during Whole-Group Instruction?

How about teaching your Whole-Group ReaL Book lesson without being confined to the teacher computer and/ or pressing tabs directly onto your interactive board?

Better yet, imagine being able to walk around your classroom while displaying text, vocabulary words, writing instruction, and videos while providing support to individual student needs as the lesson is displayed.

READ 180 Universal allows the classroom teacher to present a lesson by using a second device, such as a tablet, while students continue to work on the lesson in their ReaL Books. This feature is a pleasant surprise that teachers who are new to Universal are discovering and implementing in their classroom.

After a year of navigating this feature and successfully implementing it in my lessons, I want to encourage teachers to use it as it has greatly enhanced my instruction and increased my students' focus, comprehension, and interaction in class.

Instructions for how to project lessons with a second device (pages 49-52) explain the steps for setting up your tablet to project lessons onto your interactive board.

Contact your school's tech support and/or call HMH's Tech Support (1-800-283-5974) to get your classroom ready for teaching along with the second device.

The support that students receive during Whole-Group instruction has significantly increased because now teachers are able to conduct a lesson away from the front of the class and closer to where students need them, which is by their side.

System 44 Educator
  • tvickers

    AAAHHH!!! I didn't know this and I am so excited to learn about it. I have used ITS with NG and was nervous about losing this feature with Universal. Thank you Sally!

    I think it's not so comfortable.