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Fun Fascinating Facts Friday

When a student asked me how he could get pomegranate stains off of his favorite sweatshirt after a student threw one at him in the hallway, I answered, "Why don't you just Google it"?. "What?" he asked. I replied, "Just take out your phone and find ways to remove pomegranate stains from clothing. Then try to remove the stains with the tips that you learned." I then suggested that he present his findings to the class on Friday along with before and after photos of the project. Hmm...I thought, "Let's introduce a new weekly assignment and call it Fun Fascinating Facts Friday!"

With all of the technology available to our students via smartphones, Chromebooks, and other devices, it was quite surprising that only a few of my students were using these devices to learn more about the world around them. Most of my students use their devices to text their friends, post photos, engage in video games, and in general, entertain themselves. I was now on a mission to show them the invaluable resource they have in their hands that can dramatically increase their success as students in school and as learners for the rest of their lives.

Here are the criteria/directions for Fun Fascinating Facts Friday that I use with my students.

Top 5 Student Presentations

1)      The truth about chicken nuggets

2)      Interesting facts about the Goosebumps book series

3)      Things you need to know before you plan a Quinceanera

4)      Eight interesting food facts (Example: limes sink, but lemons float)

5)      Aaron Judge and why he won baseball's Rookie of the Year award

Looking for a way to get your reluctant readers, speakers, and writers, to do all three and with success? Try implementing "Fun Fascinating Facts Friday" or something similar to this with your students. You'll be amazed at how you have opened the door, ever so slightly, to research and presentation opportunities that will impact your students' lives forever.


System 44 Educator
  • Great article! I am amazed all the time how rapidly technology is developing. It is possible to find any information in any second. And all this is only in your phone! That's great! Thanks again for the article.