Freshen Up Your Lessons Plans with New Resources

Have you ever said something over and over all day long? Of course you have, you're a teacher! As much as I love the workshops in the rBook, after several years, it can feel monotonous.  I enjoy each year having a new group of students who will ask questions that have never been asked before and put their unique spin on responses in whole and small group. However, sometimes I really just want to add something new, but it’s not easy to find the time to create and gather new resources solely for the sake of changing things up.

A fellow READ 180 teacher came to me the first week of school and asked if I had seen the virtual tour of Ellis Island that was listed in the resources on the Community for Stage B - Workshop #1. I promptly looked it up and was so excited to find this resource I hadn’t used before. That of course led me to spend time looking at the rest of the resources for Workshop #1, as well as the other workshop I am currently on with my second year students. It was wonderful to be reminded of some resources I knew about, but hadn’t implemented before and to see what has been recently added.

Our school has had a focus on literacy including writing the last two years and there are so many resources that help guide and scaffold extended writing. There are resources that are also found in SAM, but there are resources that have been created by other dedicated READ 180 teachers who want to share what they have found helpful. In the resource tab of the Community you can find projects, Scholastic Action Magazine - True Teen Stories, and of course your Stretch Texts, among other things. Whatever workshop(s) you are currently on, head onto the Community and check out some wonderful resources that will help you add something new and extend your students learning. If you have created something that is helpful to you and your students, consider submitting it to share with others. The best thing about connecting with our teacher colleagues is getting and giving ideas and resources that will benefit every student.

Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher
  • Tish--Great reminder for us all! Also, love your future idea for a blog!