Easy Classroom Management Hacks: Weebly

Parent/Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching and as I was typing up a letter that had multiple websites and instructions for each one, I realized that what I had prepared to send home was certainly going to be overwhelming for parents.  I needed a way to get this important information to parents, but it had to be easier to access. Several of the teachers in my building have Weebly websites for their classes. In the past I have considered making one, but really wasn’t sure the investment of time to create one would be worth it. I went to several Weebly websites and decided it would be perfect for a – one-stop shop – to share websites and resources with parents about my READ 180 class.

We have a Learning Coach in our building that has a Weebly and she took the time to sit down with me for a few minutes to help me get started. It was great getting some guidance from a Weebly user, but it was also incredibly easy and best of all, FREE! Weebly offers an array of versatile tools so that whatever the purpose you want your classroom website to serve, it can. I enjoyed browsing all of the themes and making the website a reflection of my classroom. I found that all of the tools made designing the website very quick and even a beginner will find choosing a layout simple. Editing your Weebly can be on going so that if you want to add resources or change information, you can at any time. If you know fellow teachers who use Weebly I encourage you to take a look at their website and ask for their input on using Weebly.
On my Weebly I was able to give parents lots of information about READ 180 that they can revisit as often as they would like. There are links for eReads and eBooks, as well as important district links, and I put in links to the Scholastic FACE Books pages because I know parents would appreciate the resources they share on a regular basis. My students love fun and encouraging videos about reading, so I embedded some of our favorites like “Gotta Keep Reading” and the new Jorvorskie Lane video. Connecting with parents is an essential task when working with struggling readers. The easier we make it on them, the more participation we can get in return.  To start a Weebly, go to: http://www.weebly.com/

Stage B READ 180 Classroom Teacher
  • AskDee

    I looked for your webpage and found it. I really like what you have done and how it gives parents and students so much information. Thank you for sharing about using Weebly. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community